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Re: Bing.com Ads?

Probably because of the numerous TV timeouts. Now THOSE would suck in a video game. They do get streamed in online (there's probably a quick notice of this when the game is first loading up). I remember the outfield wall in 2k10 had different ads that changed from time to time (Subway, other companies). If you weren't online (as in hooked up to the internet, not as in playing someone elsewhere) the ads disappeared.
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Re: Bing.com Ads?

Originally Posted by KBLover
I have yet to see a pop up ad while watching a game on TV.

I watched the games on Sunday. Not once. Not a single time, did I see any pop up ads.

And so what if every game has ads?

Does that mean we should just automatically love ads in games?

Btw, every game does NOT have ads. Just played Ar Tonelico 2. No ads. Bladestorm. No ads. Disgaea 3. No ads. Not sure where this "Every game has ads" logic started.
I'm not saying you have to be okay with them, but that is how companies make money. It's not like it is plastered all over the stadium like other games do.


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Re: Bing.com Ads?

One thing I have learned from reading the forums is that some people only get them the Ads once per games, others experience the popup on every single play. If you're the one experiencing the popup on every single down, then it basically sux to be you. And yes, I'm part of the 'you' crowd. I hate the popups. That's why some people don't understand why others are so frustrated by the Ads.
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Re: Bing.com Ads?

I think that a moderate amount of ads per game is fine...but it does suck when every single play they are throwing a bing ad your way. Paying for a game and online service should get you an ad free game...just like paying for premium cable channels allows you not to have to deal with paid advertisements. Microsoft is obviously milking the service we pay for in any way it can.
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Re: Bing.com Ads?

Said it once, I'll say it again: why anyone cares about these popup ads is beyond my realm of understanding. Honestly, I think that if EA wasn't so hated people wouldn't give a ****, just like they shouldn't. It doesn't affect gameplay, it's unobtrusive, and no one is forcing you to look at it. Or even notice it. Or spend the time and effort to take a ****ty picture of your TV, e-mail it to yourself, host it somewhere and bitch about it on a forum.

tl;dr: it's an unobtrusive, pointless ad and no one should actually care about it stop complaining.
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Re: Bing.com Ads?

I get that little pop-up add atop of the score box every single play when I am online. I look at it a couple of times a game. Honestly, I have no problem with it what so ever. It's another form of making money for both companies. It doesn't affect one it in playing the game. Man, if pop up ads bother you, I culd only imagine what an all out blitz would do to you!!!
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Re: Bing.com Ads?

It doesn't really bother me as much as I thought it would plus the Devs(Forget which one maybe phil) said the popups revenue was being used to help pay for and support online franchise and the super easy server side fixes we were going to get...
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Re: Bing.com Ads?

I dont mind ads in games that maintain a certain amount of realism. Halftime brought to you by Sprint...Snickers reminds you to be a Chompion etc... I can handle that.

However , when an ad pops up EVERY play in the bottom right of my screen its too much.

It completely pisses me off to be honest. This goes for any game that does this, not just EA. They could easily put the Bing.com ads on the banners around the stadium where they put the EA, Tiburon , and Knobby tires ads and it wouldnt be so bad.

What they have done here is completely unacceptable.
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