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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

I personally love the cut scenes but think there should be a lot more, such as two different cut scenes from the same angle, one where you get the first down, the other you don't.

But I don't see a problem with there being an option to turn it off if you don't want it.
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

This thread is a perfect example of why there should be options for everything. Tiburon upped the amount of options for Madden 10, and I hope they continue to add more.
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

I would love if they had more post play action that wasnt a "cut scenes"

like every once in a blue moon I get the post play action where two players get in each others faces after a tackle and are jawing at each other and kind of bumping into each other. I love that and wish there were more things like that
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

Yeah agreed 100%....if i see my quarterback talking on the phone one more time after i score or turnover the ball i think i'm gonna burst into tears
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

Ah the grand debate, if I remember correctly Ian surfaced during the Madden 08 development hyping everything post play real time and ending the post play cut scenes from 07. The result was watching a dead huddle and robots walking around the field. By the way, if I see that "whoops, I bumped into you" post play animation again, I will go crazy.

Fast forward to Madden 10. Now we have an NFL 2kesque cut scene system and it looks pretty good. Much better than we have ever had this generation. That said, I am one of those people who think that it does all need to be done real time to add some randomness to them as I kind of dislike seeing them already.

Ian has said that the sidelines basically went unaccounted for pertaining to rendering. There isn't any memory left for rendering a real sideline and that has been bothering me this whole generation. One of the things that bother me most in Madden is the sidelines. Where are all the people? I would take 2d cutout sprites at this point because seeing the actually sidewall of the stadium is ridiculous in replays and stadium look-ins. That's right, put a 2d animated sprite right up against that wall and you would be doing better than currently.

From what I am hearing. Ian plans to keep this engine for the next systems and use the extra power to create an environment as NBA 2k has done. I can't wait.
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

Originally Posted by bigsmallwood
Cutscenes are the best part of the game!!!!! If you must complain, then ask for an option to turn them off, but they add to the game TREMENDOUSLY! Go play NFL 2K5.....and see how a REAL game looks....OH and aren't cutscenes part of the real NFL? YES!!!
It is a game making fundamental not to remove control from they player. Especially not on a frequent basis, and not even for cut scenes. The very least they could do is:

1) Keep cut-scenes there for people that like them
2) Make a toggle option to will remove all cut scenes non-interactive moments in gameplay.

What would really be better and more like "real nfl" is to give us stuff to do between plays besides call plays. Make us view still captures of plays and adjust schemes from the sideline. There's more to the game than just what goes on in the few seconds that a play will span. Of course, something like this would require a fundamental shift away from the play-calling style that football-gamers have come to know and expect for over a decade now.
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

I like the cutscenes, and since the majority of us (myself included) ASKED FOR SOME last year and the year before and we wanted more realistic presentation, I think EA should stick with it.
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Re: Cut scenes are unnecessary.

I personally have never been a fan of presentation. It is as simple as I play madden for 100+ hours easily and by the 10 to maybe 15 hour mark the cut scenes begin to get old and repetitive. As you can see, I will spend nearly 80+ hours of my game play time annoyed at seeing the same thing over and over again.

To me, presentation is the icing on the cake. It will get old no matter what you do and it really is not a fundamental part of football.

Realistic player progression, realistic sim stats, game play, drafting, scouting, player contracts, and the list goes on of features that still need intense work over before adding something that will get old after 15 hours of playing.

People may say "They have a team for franchise and game play ect ect" and they should be taking care of this but I have to ask a very basic question. What did we really get in franchise this year? A gimpy progression system, sim stats havent been fixed, human players have to pay players more money and the CPU gets to sign players dirt cheap, a wretched scouting system, tweaking of CPU logic of who/what to get on their team but they still end up drafting back to back first round players in the same position like QB or HB, and "presentation" of stats included in games( and playoff presentation/record breaking achievements which is still pretty weak) I forgot the weekly show that was only half done and I saw a great deal of people have a strong backlash to how poorly it was put together and the "new" draft classes they added. Most of which were already made completely and used from Head Coach 09 but there were some new classes added on that werent in HC09.

The only addition to that list that deserves any merit for being something created new and not something that was tweaking something that we already had is the presentation of stats, draft classes, and the scouting system...But again the scouting system is just about worthless because it breaks the game balance because we can easily find all the good talent and provides almost no real info besides accurate combine times and a few stats(Arent combine times recorded officially and accurately at the combine in the first place...So why do we have to scout someone to get this info accurate?)That leads me to believe that the banners and tweaking that was done to franchise/game play took up all of the franchise team time and left us with an old sour taste in our mouths.

The presentation of stats/banner info was pretty well done IMO...But why do they insist on putting icing on a stale rotting cake? They need to throw out the entire simulation system/off season/ALL of franchise and rebuild using the Head Coach 09 franchise system or something new(Yes they have a system in their company ALREADY DEVELOPED by some of the guys who are currently making madden that has most of the things listed above fixed if not better and more stuff) if they have any hope of establishing a good foundation. Anyways enough ranting onto the OP.

The cut scenes should have been able to be completely turned off. Being able to skip them still means we have to have them load and slow our game down for something that we didnt want to watch in the first place.

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