Feature Requests for Madden 11 and beyond

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Feature Requests for Madden 11 and beyond

1. Animations, animations, animations. I suggest inquiring with Take 2 (if possible) about securing the motion capture assets from the NFL/ALLPRO 2k series to add a ton at once. Some specific areas that need improvement:

1a. Intuitive, clearly defined ballcarrier break tackle controls. I suggest (while wrapped up):
* X = stretch/reach for more yards (think goal line and 3rd/4th and short; might be good to tie success to a "clutch" or awareness rating)
* Y = drive your legs/ high knees; tap for more yards and/or to break the tackle
* A = use free arm to push/ stiff arm through arm tackles
* B = spin out of tackles
* L Stick = controls the direction of the break tackle move
* R Stick = fwd = player specific special move or drive legs, L/R = juke L/R out of tackle , back = spin out of tackle
* R Button = protect ball
* L Button = protect ball
* R Trigger = visible, increased effort animation, but > chance to fumble though
* L Trigger = pitch

1b. New nuanced style juke animations: jump cuts, big back jukes, typical smaller back jukes; vary animation based on the ballcarrier's speed

1c. More ballcarrier trucking/run over animations

1d. Receiving animations: this area needs serious help. Receivers should have animations for fighting for the ball, making catches over defenders, stopping on a dime and turn around and catch (usually as the DB runs by), jumping in front of defenders. A LOT of work needed here to add variety to catching the ball. There should be much more nuance in the animations for route running too : rounding routes, lazy routes, sharp routes, wrong routes, etc which are controlled by the RTE rating

1e. fewer receiver big hits/flips, and more realistic receiver hits

1f. More variation in broken up passes (instead of DB just bat it and jump on the guy's back like we have now).

2. Saved Formation Subs for Online Play: if you can do it on the fly now, you should be able to do it and save it just like you can with the depth chart online. I have certain formations designed to use certain personnel and its a pain to have to sub them every game.

3. Please use the ESPN license and more creativity for an enhanced, in game presentation. See NFL 2k5 (sorry) for a great implementation of the ESPN license and camera usage to add drama for interceptions, fumbles, touchdowns, kickoffs, in between plays.

4. Better use of momentum: There should be a greater penalty (with the necessary animations) for tacklers over pursuing ball carriers, DB's backpedalling and not turning and running soon enough on deep routes, DB's biting on double moves, etc

5. to be continued...

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Re: Feature Requests for Madden 11 and beyond

If we only had a wishlist forum
Because I can!
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