Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

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Old 12-11-2009, 02:42 PM   #41
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

I never ran the plain Jet sweep. I run the counter/power/ etc and do the handoff manually. I'd rather have multiple options.

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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

Originally Posted by sportyguyfl31

The rest of the league does it as a gimmick.
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

Wildcat...AKA Half Back Direct Snap....was one of the most abused plays in NCAA football back in 06',now we just have an NFL version of it.The main problem that I see with it is the defense doesnt react accordingly.It puts the defense at a disadvantage,especially since you cannot highlight the runner...Fortunately for me I only play League games with mature gamers from ACQB and I don't have to worry about...the direct snap,or any other easily abused strategy.I'm glad Houston doesn't have it in their playbook.
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

Before the Wildcat will work, o-line/d-line interactions need to be fixed.
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

this hapened to me too but i found out how ot make sure the reverse is handed off. i dont touch or move any of my controls until the ball is fully handed off because it seems they actually made it an option now and that you can run right before u hand it off instead
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Old 12-16-2009, 05:04 PM   #46
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

Originally Posted by Favre4
First off, youre an idiot. Nobody can stop the Dolphins when they run it. They dominate time of possesion and keep high powered offenses off the field turning it into a low scoring affair.

Also, maybe you should learn how to play defense if youre having trouble defending the wildcat. Dont pack 8 in the box, blitz them all, and then wonder why a sweep is getting 60 yards a play on you.

I have zero trouble stopping it and used to run it one occasion on first down with the Chargers, but patch 2 ruined it. I have absolutely no problem running an offense outside of the Wildcat so saying its a last ditch effort is just dumb.

If you want to play a real game and would like to get your @ss handed to you JulieJackson hit me up at numb1stunna82 on PS3
since youre not on the 360, your beating will have to wait.

your incredible fins sit at 7-6 and have given up more pts than they have scored. so much for top and ball control, i guess. carolina is 5-8 and cant move the ball with a regular O = desperation. same goes for cleveland. dallas also has no O if the other team can tackle (austin long TDs) and sit at 8-5 after losing 2 in a row -- soon to be 3 in a row this wk after facing the saints. the only time the wildcat worked for dal was against oak, which doesnt have coaching.

face it, the wildcat is a gimmicky weapon used by teams that cant move the ball consistently using regular formations. the ONLY possible exception to this rule is Philly this year who bought into it and signed Vick. Every other team fits that mold. It only works if you have extremely rare personnel (Jones in DAL, Brown/Williams in MIA, Vick).

as for madden, the AI for the wildcat, for QB sneaks, and for screens this year is dumbed down and the blocking is overpowered so these plays work. EA was not about to spend tons of time to fix the AI and blocking for 10 when theyre busy working on doing the same for 11. As a result, they put in a hitch to "fix" it. Same thing was done for INT returns, kickoffs, and long TDs in general.

all that said, the wildcat was/is easy to stop if you know what to call and how to user.
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Old 12-16-2009, 05:32 PM   #47
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

Originally Posted by RavensFan2k3
so is the wildcar really broken due to patch #2?
You can still run the counter and power plays no problem, but the sweep doesn't hand off, and the guy it's snapped to ends up standing there awkwardly until you can take control.

This is actually a blessing in disguise for me, personally, because I don't like the Cowboys playbook, but I stuck with it because it has the wildcat. On to the Tennessee playbook for me...
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Re: Patch 2 breaks wildcat.

wildcat still works perfectly. unless you are running to dware's side of the field
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