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Question to all......

OK, now that patch 2 is out. I am just a little curious. But neither, the default game, nor patch 1, and i now I am wondering, patch 2......has been able to deliver "the big play" you know...Brady to Moss.....Favre to Rice.......Brees to Colston/Meacham/Henderson....etc. Do i have to put Speed Threshold at 100? I used to think I was a decent Madden player. But maybe the time has come for me to play the game at Rookie. I can win games (went 13-3) with bills sliders on fast speed, in my 49ers franchise. But I cannot get a pass for more than 15 yards and if it is long....its YAC, not the actual throw. At this point I am completely at the end of my wits. I have never had a single big play in 27 franchise games now. Not 1. Whereas in NCAA 10 i can usually get at least 1 big throw per game. (i think that is somewhat realistic) What isnt realistic is that every time you throw the deep ball (even in single man coverage) the same thing happens every time. Either i get picked because my receiver stops mid-stride because the ball is always underthrown, (i cannot hit the receiver in-stride to save my life) or....the WR just gets bullied by the CB and drops the balls, has it swatted, or the Safety comes up and helps the CB out in the nick of time. It also would appear, the CPU knows as soon as you hit the button, where the ball is going. SO....I am dumb. I cannot play this game like most of you. I cannot complete a deep-pass. Can anyone help me, the dumb madden player complete a deep pass, or have my WR get seperation at least once a game, or have my WR catch a ball without the CB or Safety having telepathic powers. I would like to enjoy this game, but its hard to enjoy a game that takes one of th e most fun aspects of the NFL out of the equation: The big play. If anyone else is have this trouble please let me know so i dont feel so alone in my sudden realization that over the years i have started sucking at this game. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if it means I have to set all sliders to 100 for me, and 0 for the CPU, then i guess thats what I'll have to do. Thanks in advance for any help.
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