Online Franchise 2011 Improvement ideas

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Online Franchise 2011 Improvement ideas

These are in no order.

Extra Point Show: I love the show. Its a great way to see highlights in a nutshell and its an exciting and useful tool for all information rather than searching through injury reports and box scores.

The Film Room: A way to scout your opponent. Coaches do it in real life and it would literally change the game if we could read into opponents plays. This would limit players running the same plays and broaden the horizons of players. We all know that in between week advances it can get boring. Scout your next opponents game.

Salary Cap: In my opinion its not even a franchise without this feature. The salary cap would distribute players through free agency equally and transfer talent from already stacked teams like the Saints to underprivileged teams like the Browns.

The Draft: The players overalls should not be known before you draft them. There should be busts and steals like offline franchise. This adds skill to the offseason.

Scouting: This adds interest in between games and help with the draft. The formula to the amount of scouts you have should be determined by where the team placed the previous season. For example playoff teams should only be given maybe 3 scouts at a time. Meanwhile the bottom teams of each division should have 7 or so.

Trade Block: Im so tired of sending friend requests for everyone in the league so I can send another message stating my trade block. With a trade block it would make league trades much more convenient. To improve trade convenience draft picks should be included so we dont have to manually draft a player and trade him to another player based on an agreement that happened weeks ago.

Player Regression: The speed regression is a bit ridiculous. I play one season and Al Harris has only 82 speed and Woodson ends up at an 85. I can see when a player like Moss loses a step but his speed begins at a 97. Naturally when you're that fast you'll lose a step but when players are moderately fast they dont lose speed to where linebackers are faster than them.
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Re: Online Franchise 2011 Improvement ideas

All of the above plus......

** Ablility to Edit Player Equipment **
** Ability to use Draft Class from NCAA 11 **

1. Practice Mode
2. End of Season Awards
3. Probowl

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Re: Online Franchise 2011 Improvement ideas

EA knows what they need to do/add... you guys can suggest crap till your blue in the face... Its all a matter of what they think they need to add to get you to buy 2011 and how much they want to hold back for 2012. We just have to hope that they tell us the truth when the marketing machine goes into full swing for 2011.
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