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For madden to get close as sim as possible they need more penalties. Multiple penalties are mysteriously missing from madden. First off they need to be called more often, as they occur much more irl.

Please madden team can you implement the follwoing penalties in 11

Illegal shift- Have it happen when you audible base on situations and awareness

Ineligible receiver- Have it happen when screens get blown up and other situations

Leading with helmet- Have it rarely happen when you hit stick

Defensive holdin- Have it happen when you bump using defenders with low bump and coverage ratings

12 men in huddle- Have it rarely happen when you make a substitution at the play screen and bring player with low awareness for another player with low awareness

Of course these penalties need to be called in moderation, with more undisciplined teams and palyers getting flagged more. I really hope this can be implemented in 11. Can anyone else add on?
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Re: Flags

Illegal motion would be easy, guys trying to shift players around all the time. All they would have to do is allow guys to do whatever they want and if they put multiple people in motion then it results in illegal motion. There have been times when I motioned a guy, forgot about it and tried to motion another one.

I completely agree that penalties need to be updated and fleshed out. Glad the brought back the late hit. It used to be that you could pick guys off after the play if you wanted. Ultimate cheap shot.

I would love to see Madden create more negative effects of low awareness in players.
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Re: Flags

ya i totally agree with this, they can keep the defaut settings the way they are, but when we put the slider up to 100, we should see a difference
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