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Bad Snaps

So the title basically explains it all...there are random bad snaps out of any shotgun formation but we never see a fumbled snap outta a under-center formation...and we never see bad snaps on punts...why is this??? will it change??? should it change??? debate
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Re: Bad Snaps

There SHOULD be bad snaps no matter the situation (under center, shotgun, punt and field goal). Over the head, low and too far to either side. However, all this should depend on a combination of AWR for the QB & Center, and Long Snapper & holder/punter. This stuff needs to matter, as games have been lost and won just by snapping the ball.

Edit: This needs to be VERY rare though, even for the worst of players. This is still the NFL, not Single A JV Football. These guys aren't in the league by accident.
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Re: Bad Snaps

Um yeah, but they most likely aren't in the NFL just because they can snap a ball good
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Re: Bad Snaps

Actually, most long snappers are in the league for that exact reason.
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Re: Bad Snaps

I pushed for this to be in the game. I put it in "the little things" category. One of those things you see one in every 100 games type.
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Re: Bad Snaps

Unfortunately you see this a lot. It really throws off the timing of some shotgun pass plays. You think you've thrown the ball but the QB takes time to come out of the animation and the guy you were trying to hit as your primary read has already passed the spot where you were supposed to hit him. 2nd read may be too late as well.
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Re: Bad Snaps

Originally Posted by IAHawks1903
Actually, most long snappers are in the league for that exact reason.

exactly. I hate the idea of adding more ratings because i believe there are already to many but there should be some sort of snap consistency rating.
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