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Re: Owners Mode


k2thaz said:
I hate people who like a team because of one player. An over-rated one... Just because he sells.

LeBron James = Michael Vick.

Ask Vick about Tampa Bay and Philadelphia's Defense.

I am just sick of ESPN making it to look like Vick is god, that one 47 yd run against the Vikings, I've seen McNabb do a lot better runs. Barry Sanders, Even Steve Young.


It was 46, not 47.
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Re: Owners Mode

i might take over the Packer or Falcons. if i use the Falcons i'll build a new stadium right away and leave Lambeau how it is. also i might take the Vikings just to make them a crappy team.

most likely though the team i'll choose will be the Bills. i like the uni's and the players. i'll also try and get Peerless back to Buffalo. and build them a new stadium.
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Re: Owners Mode

Im a green bay fan for life but I couldnt see them move out of Lambeau, even in a game. And I want to move a team and/or build a new stadium for them, so I think I will go with Miami, mainly because Florida has enough teams and Miami has growing to do but not as much as the Jags, so I still have room for them to improve but it wouldnt take much. I plan on moving them to Louisville and renaming them the Bobcats (after the new Charlotte NBA team) and use the color scheme the Charlotte team has.
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