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General things

I have played madden since way back on the original play station, and i'm an above average player, and i find is physically impossible to stop the pass, both online and in franchise. Is it just me? anyone have any tips? i try just about everything : Zone, Man, Combo Coverages, Press, Back off, I also move where the zones are, like middle, sidelines, etc.. I stop the run, and they just throw it alllll day! occasionally i'll make a good play and stop him. I Recently played a game online, and i knew everytime he would throw, he made it obvious, but i just couldn't stop it...soo Advice?!

Second, It's really stupid how when they throw a pass and u go to switch deffenders and the guy you switch to freezes up..this happen to anyone else?

and why is it that the running backs break so many tackles? the only time i get beat with the run is when they break 2 or 3 2nd level tackles..then break it outside..

And i've seen several posts online, EA really messed up bigtime, Their is sooo many things they put on Ncaa but not madden, i dont understand it.. and their is a lot of things they need to bring back, i still find myself trying to do playmaker controls, FAIL!

And i think online is a joke, a kid quits in the first half and it just ends? he should get a loss for being a quitter, I've been screwed out of 2 wins by kids who quit, both times i was up and about to score. I also have found myself getting screwed out of 2 or 3 wins by lagging out, but yet when the game is close, it doesnt happen, And when the "connection is lost" my DNF goes up and my record stays the same..

so any advice, tips, pointers, comments on all this would be much appreciated.. Thanks!
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