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Onside Kick

went into practice mode and tried about 100 and couldn't get one no matter what i did. Luckiest i got was when i stripped the ball.

does anybody know a way to get it at least like 25% or 10% of the time.
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Re: Onside Kick

Ive never practiced the onside kick in practice mode, maybe thats why i suck.
All the years, ive never been able to recover a single onside kick.
Now with the new kicking meter, i recovered my first ever onside kick.
I did it exactly like the CPU in a CPU vs. CPU Game, but i was still lucky to recover it.
I stopped the meter at about 60% power and then stopped it again just when it passed the marker. I ended up kicking an onside kick which stayed on the ground, did not hop high above their heads, the ball bounced at the leg of the opponent player who was standing near the midfield and i was able to recover it.
Since the normal onside kicks go more to the outside, you have probably stop it further to the left of the marker(if you have a right-footed kicker)

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Re: Onside Kick

Sorry to bump and old thread, but the onside kick recovery is atrocious as I dunno what now!

I cant for the life of me understand how in the world this gotten so bad, it used to be you would just come out in normal KR but now that doesnt even work. On top of all that I have seen quite a few people when I NEED TO use it and i catch them off guard can audible well after I have set my kick meter and ready to kick, it will freeze and let them audible to onside return.

This is the new tactic everyone seems to be using to lockdown games or whatnot, anyone have a clue on how to recover this crap. My players just bend over as if they dropped the soap in the shower only to let the other team recover!
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