So what would you grade this year's game?

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Old 09-13-2010, 11:09 AM   #17
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

I'll give it a C as it is......But after slider tweaks and adding the gameplans...I'd give it a b-
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

I would have given it a B, but im kinda tired of having to tweak sliders for a month to get this game to play like it should.
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

Originally Posted by BezO
C - Too much video game, not enough football.
Agree 100% with this.

I also gave it a C, if the patch improves the defense I'll raise it to a B
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Old 09-13-2010, 03:27 PM   #20
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

After logging in some serious hours on the game here are my thoughts.

Offline/gameplay/features -

Gameplay - I am having a lot of fun. The strong points of this game shine in this years version and since the second patch even more so. But after the third patch I think the game will be even better. What was cleaned up thankfully on this 2nd patch was the Pro-Tak. Now I am seeing smooth and numerous gang tackles again. Where as pre patch guys were falling all over themselves. The running game is a joy. The Loco Motion is great. I love seeing guys losing their balance as they fall forward or to the side...and sometimes regaining it to keep chugging for extra yardage. I love the auto sprint. Let me repeat that I love auto sprint. That is sim guys. I love the fact you can be patient look for the hole to form than bam...the burst just kicks in for you when your moving north and south. It is a great touch. I love the right stick to make subtle yet totally effective jukes, leans etc. Again the running game is a joy and the best ever for any console (yes better than 2K's running game fella's). The passing game is diverse. The deep ball is back. The playbooks are deep enough and I love the gameplanning feature for offense. Gameflow is a great addition for those who know how to utilzie the right way. I use it for about 60% of my offensive game calls and I call the other 50% of my offense. The way I play with it is I let the OC call the opening drive. If all goes well...we keep going with his play calls, if things are getting dicey the head coach takes over the headset (me). It's fun and challenging.

Offline game modes - Franchise is decent. Nothing good nothing bad. It needs a major facelift and I am confident we are getting it for 2012. If EA fails to really address Franchsie next year then i will be sticking with NCAA going forward as that game is a joy. Superstar stale.

Online - Major issues everywhere. But most importantly online franchise is broken. No contracts, no salary cap, no free agency, no IR, no sliders!!!!...shall I continue? Naaa let's not. We know the problems. Oh and that damm lag on the kicking meter...oh th joy and excitement they have put into extra points LOL.

What is not so good this year

1) Robo QB for the AI. Getting a sack is like root canal. I do get them...but rarely. And I know it is supposed to be tough in the NFL I know this. But too many times (and NCAA is also very guilty of this same thing) your about to take him down and the AI QB managed to eother throw it for a completion or limp wrist it into the ground...it is really a pisser.

2) DB's who give up on the ball. It is a major bug that I hope patch 3 corrects. It has to do with the loco motion but they need to fix this. If you don't get control of your DB when the ball is in the air your dead. So leagues that prohibit that...are nuts. Don't understand that at all. And especially with this game bug. Zone defense is not good and generally inefffective. I find myslef playing man to man bump n run 75% of the game out of fear my zones will just be picked apart as guys just stand around.

So offense kicks *** and defense is sub par. That is the consensous. So I hope the big patch addresed a lot of the defesive issues. If it does we have oursleves a very solid football game.

3) Presentation - bland, disjointed, an abortion actually. This must be overhauled as well. Gus is great, Collinsworth is also good. But they need to put them in a booth together and make it sound like a real NFL broadcast. Seriously. That must be done. halftime show needs to be done you have the ESPN license....friggin use it like 2K did...they gave you the bluprint now just copy it!!!

Grades -

Offense gameplay 9/10
Defense gamplay 7/10 with sliders (otherwise it is a mess)
Presentation - 4/10
Online franchise 4/10
Fun factor - 8/10
Overall - 6.5/10
I am a very good defensive madden player so I have been able to overcome a lot fo the shortfalls it has thus far in regards to the secondary.

Overall grade C+

A successful 3rd patch can make this game a solid "B"

And just for comparison I have NCAA 2011 rated an "A" 9/10 game this year. Madden is getting close. Funny thing is if franchise was deep and fun like 2005 was...this game would be an A despite the game tuning issues.

That should tell you something of what really needs to change.
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Old 09-14-2010, 01:11 AM   #21
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

I gave it a D...I wouldve given it a D+ if I couldve though...it certainly doesnt deserve anything more than that...The game play is just piss poor. Its basically an automated version of scripted plays. You call the plays and watch them unfold according to the AI's predetermined probability algorithms...Nothing spontaneous nor surprising here. Players still look like they are gliding on rollerskates and being pulled along on strings rather than being propelled by the strides of their footsteps...locomotion is actually rather broken for what its seeking to achieve...just a bad game.
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

as i see it, the game is yet again incomplete. and i remember that an F was given for incomplete work. so that's what i give it. it's hard to believe that it's their sixth year on next gen and they still don't have a decent franchise mode.
My score for Madden 13: 4.5/10

3 points for graphics, 1 point for the passable commentary, and a half point for the boxart. I can give no further points since the all over the place gameplay would ruin it anyway.
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

New problems:defense and player models suck, what is up with the small jersey numbers. Old problems: same old tackles, commentary uninspiring and out of sync, "Madden presentation". I need to just move on to better games. MY problem: I LOVE NFL FOOTBALL. I swear if EA put out MADDEN and it was just a football simulation and not NFL based I would have ZERO problems passing on this half baked game.
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Re: So what would you grade this year's game?

well look i am not going to hate on the game and say it is bad because that would make me look like a douche bag because i play the game all the time so i give it a C because there is NO defense
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