What do you dislike most about Madden?

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Re: What do you dislike most about Madden?

Originally Posted by guaps
All three are actually centered around physics, so a proper physics-engine should solve your mentioned dislikes.

For me there are many things, but if I were to narrow it down to three things I'd say physics, the passing system and the ratings system as the franchise mode is already being revamped for Madden 12.

As I've mentioned else where I think the ratings and potential system needs an extreme make-over and preferably from EA Canada.
Exactly, I sold Madden, gonna buy BB soon. I really can't support Madden anymore, I want to though that's why I'm still on the boards. Unfortunately I can't see it happening any time soon so I really should stop supporting it.
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Re: What do you dislike most about Madden?

  • Online Franchise disconnects
  • Ref saying "Repeat 4th down" at the wrong times
  • Lack of certain facemasks that are popular this year
  • Not being able to use gameplan for other teams post patch
  • Choppy commentary
  • Lack of feeling of watching football. (Look at The Show)
  • Game seems to favor one team in each game
  • Unrealistic animations
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Re: What do you dislike most about Madden?

1). Patches
2). Roster Updates
3). Patches
4). Roster Updates
5). Which ever one of them comes next
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Re: What do you dislike most about Madden?

After intercepting a pass and running it in for a TD, Collinsworth says Now they have to bring out the defense again. Why not? I just scored a touchdown! This doesn't always occur, but it has happened a few times and is absolutely ridiculous.
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Re: What do you dislike most about Madden?

Originally Posted by Franchise408
What I dislike most is the coding of the game that makes it difficult to find a balance and challenge.

I've tried lots of different sliders, and the game always ends up being either too difficult or too easy.

It's very frustrating playing a game where ratings don't matter - I.E. I could have a 99 catch rated receiver who drops passes because the coding needs to artificially simulate a challenge. I have o-linemen with 90 ratings in pass blocking who get tossed aside like nothing by CPU controlled role players on the d-line.

Really, this is my biggest gripe. I can deal with the actual game flow (not to be confused with GameFlow) not being a 100% accurate representation of NFL football (even the BEST of the BEST sports games are still just that - video games - and have unrealistic, "video game" type occurrences)

But it is frustrating when there is no balance to be found in the difficulty sliders, because all the sliders do is tell the AI to either beat you on a play, or let you beat them. I have not found a setting or set of sliders that actually consider individual player ratings, strengths and weaknesses that allow the players on the field, and the matchups, to determine the game instead of a pre-determined outcome decided simply by how far to the left or right you have a slider.

I also hate that the on field play is also determined so greatly by animations - animations that really have no business happening. Like, for instance, smaller scat backs pushing and falling forward against 2 big beefy linebackers trying to push him back.
well you did all or moist of the typing for me. i can never find really good sliders. i shouldn't have to either. the game should come out of the case fairly realistic. not perfect, but not ridiculous. i do like this game, especially compared to madden 09 and 10, but the ps2 maddens were so much better(except for running).

i try to aim for realistic stats so that im not really in the top or bottom 10 in too many categories. the hardest stat to realisticly accomplish is sacking the cpu(for me anyway). i hit the hell out of him but he just releases the ball and it falls 2 feet in front of him for an incompletion. and the only way to get pressure is by overloading one side of the line. on 3rd and long i have to move my right end to the left side and blitz him(not sim football!)

and why so many duplicated ratings? i used to have the ratings mastered but now im unsure of the difference between elusiveness and agility. why is there pass blocking, pass block str and footwork? i had a rookie with 50 pass block but 90+ strength and footwork, so what does that mean??? argghh lol
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