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Offline franchise: CPU cheesefest

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Second half cheese from the CPU?

My story. Last night I made the wild-card playoff game, against the Falcons in Seattle. Had a great first half, made the right calls, stopped their drives and scored on mine. Went into halftime 24 - 7 up, thinking I was home and hosed even if the CPU did up its game.

Wrong. Without a single adjustment, I suddenly found my WRs could not catch a ball, even if the throw was accurate and they were wide open. Same plays as in the first half, same WRs open... suddenly I'm going 3 and out because Antonio Bryant, Mike Williams and Golden Tate suddenly forget how to catch the ball. This isn't on long plays either, all short-medium, away from cover.

And on the defense side, the very same players that limited Michael Truner to less than 4 yards per carry suddenly can't touch him. 3 times in the 3rd quarter he trucks STRAIGHT THROUGH my defensive and LB lines. Second and third time were through audibled blitzes.

C'mon... Once? Okay, but Seattle's D isn't so bad as to forget how to tackle. I ended up losing 31 - 27.

It's really frustrating because now I'm motivated to just cheese right back. But that makes it a boring game...
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Re: Offline franchise: CPU cheesefest

Well I think it is just a balance thing to keep the AI from been blowed up. But if you came out in the second half and throwed straight up. There is your misteak right there. When you come in the second half. Start out with a few runs to keep the D honest and then do a few screens to the half back and it will keep the AI guessing. But if you come out and throw throw throw. Then the AI will just take you out. Better to come out doing a screen and a few run plays right off the bat. Just a little advice when the next time you come out after halftime.
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Re: Offline franchise: CPU cheesefest

I've noticed CPU cheesefests as well, but usually it's in the other extreme. I come out and get my rear-end handed to me for the first half... but then everything will go my way in the 2nd half allowing for a great comeback.

In one game, playing as a marginally improved Lions, I was down 30-6 at halftime against the RAMS of all teams. Bradford was a medium range completion machine. Steven Jackson had over 100 yards at half on something silly like 11 rushes. Their DL was getting ridiculous pressure stuffing runs and sacking Stafford.

I wasn't terribly upset, sometimes the CPU just has a dominant game. It happens.... But then I got to the 2nd half. Bradford throws 2 picks, completes under 40% of his attempts, open WRs drop balls, punt returner loses a fumble, Jackson slows to a crawl, no pressure on Stafford... I still ended up losing 33-30 on a last second FG after a Jahvid Best fumble... but it was insane how obviously and completely the CPU rolled over to allow me to come back. And this type of game isn't terribly uncommon... probably happens 4-6 games per season.
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Re: Offline franchise: CPU cheesefest

Once in a while, the CPU is just going to say "You are gonna take this, and thats all there is to it."
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