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User Created Teams/Relocated Teams

Some of you may have figured this out, but for those who don't know....

I was playing a Bengals Franchise, and in year four I had to play in the rain/snow 11 times. I did lose a few games due to the weather causing fumbles and pass throws. It made me wish for an indoor stadium. At least my home games would be weather free...

The issue is that relocation doesn't let you keep your uniforms, names and etc. right? Well that's not true entirely.

I remembered back with Madden 05...I think...anyway, you could make a custom team and as long as you named it the same as the logo was called, for example Sharks, then they would call you the Sharks in game.

It seemed EA removed that feature, but the game does recognize some names. When you choose your relocation city, or created team city, most are actually in the game.

I moved the Bengals to Los Angeles. Make sure you make the city Los Angeles, and actually name the team Los Angeles Bengals. Then in game when I scored the first touchdown Gus called me the Bengals, and said, "Los Angeles will kick off."

Tried it with Created Team too...same thing. The game recognized Los Angeles and Bengals.

Sure, there isn't a logo that fits the Bengals, but I can live with plain colored helms and new uniforms...so long as I am still called the Bengals.

Cities I tested myself that work are:
Los Angeles
Little Rock
Las Vegas

I am sure there are many others, and you can always make a quick team in Create a Team to test which names work and which don't. Then you can go back into the franchise and relocate, using the info you know to work.

My Cin Bengals are now the LA Bengals, just to get a new stadium.

Hope everyone has fun with this, if you didn't know it. I read some posts that had people under the impression that this couldn't be done.

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Re: User Created Teams/Relocated Teams

I have a created franchise called the Richmond Hawks and the commentators say Richmond.
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Re: User Created Teams/Relocated Teams

Many of the cities would be said by Alex in the Extra Point show as well. There is a mistake in there, where she still calls my Bengals the Cincinatti Bengals.

The Giants faced off against the Cincinatti Bengals.

But then when she does the actual game breakdown, she says, Los Angeles won it...blah blah.

Since my Bengals are still called the Bengals, Chris even says, "Good work on the line, by the Bengals."

It seems the only thing that really changed was the location and the uniforms/logo. I used the Atomic alt logo, the football with the atomic symbol behind it. Isn't a tiger, but it isn't totally inappropriate.

Also, I wanted to test more teams out this way, I so I ran a reg season sim for the Eagles, moved them to Boston...ran another full season sim. Played the first pre-season game as the Boston Eagles...worked just fine.

The best part of the Eagles is that the Hawk logos are actually fitting.

My son made the Titans move to Lincoln Nebraska, used the Centurion logo...the game calls them the Lincoln Titans just fine.

Also. I read some people saying that relocation sucks because no matter what you choose as your team, when the stadium is built you are the Sharks.

This is true. But you can change it...so how about a quick tutorial?

When you first relocate, know what city you are moving to. If you haven't seen the list list before, save your franchise then just skip to the city selection. Look through the list and decide which city you want.

Now reload the game.

The first step of the relocation process is designing the logo, team name, and uniforms. Make sure you pick the primary and secondary colors of the team, and name them. Work out the logo how want it to be.

Skip the uniform part. Won't matter anyway.

You can design your stadium, and the colors will be wonky on it. Just make the basic layout you want, you can fine tune when you move in. Make it dome or not, what type of luxury boxes, etc.

the next step is to get funding. If you choose a city with high interest, you can usually get approved without addding any funds to the project. The city will build it for you. Los Angeles works this way for me everytime.

Once you get the funding screen done, if approved, you are done. You just have to wait until the next off-season to actually move.

Now, when you go to the next off-season, you will get a pop-up message that says you successfully moved to your new stadium/city.

You will be at the Staffing, Stadium Upgrades screen.

You can still scroll down the menus, and I suggest you do this now. Under the team management menu, at the very bottom you will find "Edit Active Team".

Accessing this will let you design your uniforms, set your logo, and even fine tune tune the stadium.

You will notice the city name is that which you chose, and your team colors are the same you chose the previous year. Just design your uniforms, pick your endzones and stadium looks and then verify your logo is colored correctly.

Once you do that, you will see that your players are wearing all black uniforms on the player edit screen. This is only because you are not in the new season yet.

Once you are sure your stadium, team colors and uniforms are correct just proceed with your typical off-season functions. Once you start the pre-season you will see that your logo is now changed, your stadium is new, and your uniforms are as you selected.

If you don't edit the active team while in the off-season, you will see the ugly brown/yellow uniforms and the sharks name and logo when you start the preseason.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask. I'll do what I can to help ya out. Good luck and have fun moving your team around!
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