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Re: Online Franchise Progression Issue

Originally Posted by havokeff
But that happens in the game. You just have to pay attention.
And it also depends on the player. Some players will progress even though they don't start, some start regressing if they don't start soon.

If anything I wish that there were coaching scouting reports from traingcamp and weekly practices or at the end of the year, or something of the like, that gives a hint or a guess on which one is which.
Yeah it does happen but its like to have little say so in what happens. At least with the old training camp you could do a little something. But of course even if they brought that back it should be limited by age or potential. Or maybe they could make potential represent a hidden max progression. That way if we did have the old training camp or some other way of controlling the progression ourselves, the game could notify us that a player has reached his maximum user-controlled progression. Another thing that would be nice is a comparison in the scouting reports. Like be able to compare a scouting report to the results a current player would get. Sometimes after players are fully scouted you don't see the same 5 or 6 ratings for each player. So, let me see Adrian Peterson or Patrick Willis' combine-style stats to compare a players true potential against players in the league.
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Re: Online Franchise Progression Issue

I ran a very complex and in depth 4 season OF in Madden 10 and started to run one in Madden 11 before I gave up on the OF servers.

We noticed that progression is tied to statistical performance across the league, which is awful because of how goofy this game is.

For example, if your HB runs for 2000yds and 15TDs, but 10 other RB's run for 2500yds and 20TD's, your HB isn't going to progress much.

I could have sworn an EA person made reference to it being tied to stats at one point way back when, and we noticed that throughout our OF.
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Re: Online Franchise Progression Issue

Originally Posted by Chuckatommy
In my online franchise, we just advanced past our first full season and I'm receiving some weird results in regards to progression. A lot of my players on defense did not progress at all. Ndamukong Suh is still an 85, Derek Cox is still an 82 among other players on my team. Meanwhile, it seems as if all my offense has progressed as it should. Is this a known issue? I checked with some other online franchises I'm involved with and Suh is also still an 85 in those after a season (But Cox progressed to an 88).

What's going on? Both Cox and Suh were some of my best players. Suh had 16 TFL and 9 sacks, while Cox had 7 (I think) interceptions. I don't understand why my players aren't progressing. Is this a known issue with the online franchise? I'm highly disappointed. I traded a lot to get Suh on my team.
In my season 2 league Suh is a 85 as well. We're starting the playoffs. In our "Draft Combine" league (to see the rookies early) he's a 90 in year 3. We'll see if he hits 90 in our real league as well.

Cox is an 88 in both leagues.
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Re: Online Franchise Progression Issue

The lack of veteran regression really bothers me in offline franchise. For years I have always felt the need to remove players that were unrealistically good/fast for their age...everyone is not Darrell Green. In year 3 of the franchise I am currently playing, I had to remove quite a few players like Champ Bailey, Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, Takeo Spikes, Witherspoon, London Fletcher, Urlacher, and lots of linemen (most of those have ratings that are too high in year 1 but oh well).
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