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News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

I know big surprise here. Instead of good game mechanics of player skill, game engine, and roster ratings play a factor, the CPU has to resort to cheats and scripted events in order to produce a competitive game. The evidence is clear and is fairly obvious since infrequent events occurr only in Madden and never in real life NFL.

As an example, too many times had I broken one free against the CPU with no defenders in sight only to get a clipping or holding call just before I CROSS the goalline. Sure penalties occurr but usually the flag is early in the play for holding calls and as for clipping it occurs when there are defenders around.

Another example of scripting gameplay is using the rewind feature. Many in 3rd and Long situations, I pass to a receiver who is wideopen for a sure first down, only to see him drop it. Rewind in order to redo the play. Do the exact same play and the exact same throw and sure enough the receiver will drop it again. Drops certainly occurr but at a rate of about 1 per game for league leaders. The receiver I am throwing to has 99 OVR, 85 AWR, 99 CAT, 99 SPC, and 99 CIT. Odds are that one drop is likely but two in a row is not.

Another example is pass rushing. How many times have I seen where it appears I get to the QB before he sets his feet only to see him complete the throw animation. It doesn't matter if I rush or not. If the CPU is going to release the ball, it will.

I can go on and on about scripted plays. The fact is that this is the same garbage game mechanics year in and year out. Its no wonder that sales are down with this game. No one likes to be played for a fool. When EA fails to develop and improve the game, its a slap in the face to those who know better. Unfortunately, those that do are or at least in reality WERE the most loyal.
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

Sounds like someone is angry cause they're losing, lol.
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

Can we please stop with the EA/Madden rants? It's getting old now.

Plus I've never had the problems you've mentioned at all this year. I get a good amount of penalty calls, and my receivers only drop balls when in tight coverage.
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

i understand what your sayin but uhhhh penalty slider..skill sliders...closed case

i noticed how the cpu only gets false start called on them,so i lowered it because its not fair. the HUM mostly get holding and clipping called

i jus adjusted my sliders to where both sides get a decent amount of calls
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

In all fairness, I have to agree with eraserx.

The game seems to want a close game, and if I'm down the game seems a little easier, when I'm up it plays a little harder. But one game in particular remind me of what eraserx s saying. I was 31-7 up against the Giants by half time, but in the second half I suddenly found wide open receivers dropping catch after catch after catch for sequences of 3 'n' outs. On the defense my D-line suddenly could not tackle their back for love nor money, even with all out blitzes coming. I ended up losing the game 38 - 34.

Then there is the scripted ridiculous impossible moves the players make, not just the cpu sometimes with my players. My back will get tackled by a linebacker that slides right like Tron would, or accelerates in mid air as he jumps over my O-line. In other times a WR will magically speed up to catch a ball, other times slow down to let the CB past and pick it. Last week I saw my own Tight End pull off a magical 2 yard spin and slide to catch a pass.

I don't have an issue with animation based play, but the animations need to be held within the boundaries of reality. Without this, we'll get the same old frustrated rants year in, year out.
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

I have never bought into the conspiracy theories regarding the way the game unfolds, but there is anecdotal evidence that makes me wonder. I was playing as the Falcons against the Eagles.

On the FIRST play of the game, I come out in a heavy run formation, but the play I call in the huddle is a quick slant. The Eagles, on the FIRST play of the game, come out in a 3-3-5. Now why in the world would a professional football team known for their aggressive 4-3, come out in a 3-3-5 against a known run-first team on the FIRST play of the game?
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

LOL @ Madden conspiracy theories.

Guys, come on now
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Re: News Flash: Gameplay is SCRIPTED!!!

It's a video game of course it's scripted. There is nothing that will happen in this game, that hasn't been programmed to happen.

Other things that are scripted, quite enjoyable, less buggy, and don't need to be patched should be mentioned here as well. These includes : TV shows, Movies, Plays, Concerts, Ballets, The News is very scripted, the WWE/WWF whatever the acronym is now - which would be awesome if it were more than bad acting and fake slapping.

Yet , I submit to ya'll for ya'lls consideration that repeatedly Ian has said there's no comeback AI. So I'm closing this, just like the other threads.
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