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Originally Posted by Kushmir
this thread points out many of the things wrong with Madden in terms of mentality. this whole "did-you-see-that-catch?-he's-a-90" mentality is madness. ratings have gotten so bad people EXPECT stuff like what the OP is suggesting. overrating killed the game. I'd expect this kind of mentality from some 14-year-old who hasn't watched the game very long. A rookie rated a 90? wow...best rookies in recent memory were probably AP, Moss, Portis and Freeney...go look at these players numbers--i beg you.

then realize none of these guys should have gone into their second years rated a 90 (Moss might have gotten an 88--freeney too) much less their ROOKIE years. if bryant is a 90 what's Roddy White's rating? Andre Johnson? 130? stop thinking fanboy for one second and think PERSPECTIVE.

why stop at 90?...let's just make anybody who we think is "playing really good" a 95. hell, let's just make everyone a 99 for crying out loud. FACT: there has to be a system of rating players specifically because we have biased foolishness like this out there.

the funniest part? these too-high ratings KILLED Madden...wanna know why every game is a shoot-out, Qbs are too accurate? RBs break too many tackles and kickers are money from 60+ yards easy? see the Original Post for details...gotta wonder how defenders are gonna defend anyone when receivers with hall of fame numbers like THIS (40 catches, 500 yds, 5 TDs) are rated a 90....just WOW.

almost forgot...i'd rate a rookie with those numbers on a 2-7 team a 74.
Coudnt have said it better myself. Great post!

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Re: Dez Bryant

Originally Posted by canes21
You're a Cowboys fan, so of course you think he is the best WR in the NFL. In my opinion he is right where he should be, but then again I am a Redskins fan.

AFC Fans, come and comment.

I agree he is right where he should be. Don't worry if he keeps it up they will adjust the rating later.
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Re: Dez Bryant

Just raise his spectacular catch rating along with his KR rating, otherwise he is fine where he is.

BREAK not BRAKE by the way.
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