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Before you decide to join xboxsportslegends, please read this completely honest, informative, and comprehensive review of the XSL site.

I have told the administrator that I would be writing this, so he is well aware.

So who am I? I was an avid member of the site from its humble beginning in August 2010. I participated in several Madden, NCAA, NHL, and assorted other leagues on the site. I can provide detailed and truthful analysis of the site itself, the members, the leadership quality, and the future of the site.

So letís begin.

The Website:

The website is very nice. It is very well organized and is easy to navigate. There are links for virtually everything from site news to trade blocks...and everything in between. The site also includes a chat box where members can talk instantly about whatever they so choose. To top things off, there is a spectacular banner image atop the site of several prominent athletes in professional sports.

However, where the site fails is in the administratorís ability to update it. The homepage still has an advertisement for a madden league that closed months ago. Also, when you register...you cannot change your password...so you have to keep the one that is randomly generated in your email.

Another huge problem is the sites' rules and guidelines. It is a grammatical nightmare. The third word in the mission statement, arguably the most important post on the site, is misspelled. I have probably spent more time on this review than the administrator did on the rules and guidelines. But thatís not it...just about every third word in misspelled. Couldn't the admin have revised this? Probably...but when asked about it, he just cites his personal motto "I don't give a F---!" So I askÖis it worth joining a site where the owner doesnít care?
Overall, I give the website a C+.

The Members:

The members of the site are the grand jewel. They keep the site alive. Because the site administration is so inept, many members have stepped up to run certain parts of the site. For example, Dats Ignant, who has posted on these forums before, is an excellent, helpful, and loyal member of the site. There are many more like him on the site who I respect and wish the best.

Unfortunately, members come and go on the site at a pretty rapid pace. I have seen upwards of 100 members leave or get removed for various reasons....in just 3 months. While I understand that this may not be uncommon for some websites, what is uncommon is the ambiguity to which they leave. The one major fault of the members is their ability to lead. None of the members speak their mind or fix things that are broken. Most of the members are followers. Which, I will also get into a bit more in a different section.

Overall, the members get an A-.

The Leadership Quality:

Putting aside the personal differences between the admin and myself is the reason I am no longer a member of the site. I was finally removed a week after not speaking with him. I have decided to list all of my grievances with him here. I was booted from the league after being a model member and following every part of the league rules and guidelines...simply because he did not like me.

I am posting here because he cannot censor this information like he does with everything else on the site, also because itís the cold hard truth, and he just needs to hear it. You always claims that I like to dish it out, but canít take itÖwell neither can he.

-In my very first league game on the site, he quit the game because he fumbled and didnít want to lose to the new guy. Breaking his own rules.
-The administrator of XSL.com has openly compared himself to Hitler or Stalin.
-"He acts like an attention craving 5th grader and has mood swing like pregnant woman." -Dats Ignant (current XSL member)
-He leaves leagues but prohibits anyone else to...hypocrite.
-The admin has a very obstinate and uncompromising personality. He refuses to apologize when he is wrong, and constantly demands praise.
-He has made websites before, and they have all failed.
-He antagonized me repeatedly, insulted me, and wrongfully removed me for an illegitimate reason.

I have also received word that he has covered up my wrongful removal with disinformation. He has decided to pin anonymous acts of league vandalism on me to further tarnish my image. When in all reality, he has just accumulated to many enemies, and is not smart enough to deal appropriately deal with it. I assure you, I have had nothing to do with the website since my removal.

The only positive I can come up with is that he at least cares about professional sports. I mean he originally banned me for talking badly about the New York Giants, right after he bashed my team. So at least heís passionate about something.

Overall, I give leadership quality a D-.

The future of the site:

Honestly, it doesnít look good. While there are several solid members still there, many left after I did. Of the members currently there, many of them see the writing on the wall too. I doubt this review is going to help the site much either, but some things arenít worth saving. If the administrator was replaced I could see a possibility of the site surviving, but as such it only has one league (madden) that is finishing its first season. However, I doubt they make it into a second one. Of the several other leagues on the site, none of them will make it to the end of their first season, much less a second or third one.

Bottom line, they need an intelligent leader...not a dumb dictator.

Overall, I give the site a C, and about 1-2 months before it finishes sinking.

They have no new recruits, and to many vacant spots in their leagues to survive. If you enjoy playing the computer and keeping your mouth shut, check it out...if not...stay away.

I fully expect members of the site to comment below and provide their mature opinion. I encourage you to do so.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this will help your decision.
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well said. i will be staying away from there after reading this.
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Originally Posted by Sthele
well said. i will be staying away from there after reading this.
Yeah, well said, so well said that I bet you said it huh? Enjoy talking to yourself and answering your own posts?
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