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Re: Imported Draft Dynasties

I just started a new dynasty with the Niners. I simulated all games until Week 12 with injuries off to match the exact NFL records as of now and then simulated the rest of the season to get to the off-season. Green Bay beat New England in the Super Bowl.

We ended up with the 6th overall pick in the draft and were desperately hoping that Patrick Peterson would slip to us somehow.

The "big board" looked like this going into the draft: CB Patrick Peterson, WR Michael Floyd, QB Andrew Luck, DT Adrian Taylor, LT DeMarcus Love, HB Mark Ingram, CB Prince Amukamara, WR A.J. Green, SS Tyler Sash, HB Kendall Hunter

Here is how the picks played out:

#1: Panthers - CB Patrick Peterson, LSU (86 OVR)
#2: Lions - CB Devon Torrence, Ohio State (80 OVR)
#3: Bengals - WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame (82 OVR)
#4: Bills - LT DeMarcus Love, Arkansas (78 OVR)

*The commissioner steps to the podium, "the Oakland Raiders are on the clock"*
*"The Minnesota Vikings are now on the clock"*

#5: Vikings - QB Andrew Luck, Stanford (81 OVR)

We traded down from #6 to #9. I wanted either Prince Amukamara or A.J. Green and figured one of them would fall.

#6: Cardinals - DT Adrian Taylor, Oklahoma (82 OVR)
#7: Cowboys - SS Tyler Sash, Iowa (81 OVR)
#8: Browns - HB Mark Ingram, Alabama (80 OVR)

With both players on the board, I took another minor risk and traded down from #9 to #11.

#9: Texans - CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska (79 OVR)

The Rams were on the clock at #10 and A.J. Green filled a major need for them. It was time to make a move. We gave up our 2nd and two 3rd rounders to get the 10th overall pick (bad trade for them if you ask me) which gave us back-to-back picks in the 1st round.

#10: 49ers - WR A.J. Green, Georgia (78 OVR)
#11: 49ers - QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas (74 OVR)

We got some quality depth in the rest of the draft:
3rd rd: CB Brandyn Thompson, Boise State (67 OVR)
4th rd: DT Stephen Paea, Oregon State (64 OVR)
4th rd: HB Noel Devine, West Virginia (62 OVR)
4th rd: CB Rasi Dowling, Virginia (64 OVR)
4th rd: DT Lawrence Marsh, Florida (64 OVR)
5th rd: FB Owen Marecic, Stanford (70 OVR w/ great defensive ratings)
6th rd: RT Rich Lapham, Boston College (59 OVR)

I'm very tempted to go back and edit my NCAA rosters again to create the "perfect" draft class, but this draft seemed reasonable enough for me. A few guys like Bowers and Quinn stayed in school when I created the draft class and a few others (J. Jones, N. Fairley, M. Dareus, J. Locker) slipped into the 2nd/3rd rounds. Nothing to really complain much about. I like the ratings spread between elite prospects and average prospects and the fact that only a handful of prospects will be starters as rookies.
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Re: Imported Draft Dynasties

Here are the ratings for the top QB's in the draft for those curious:

Vikings QB Andrew Luck: 81 OVR, 75 SPD, 73 AGI, 75 ACC, 61 AWR, 92 THP, 91 SAC, 88 MAC, 67 DAC, 82 RUN, 80 PAC

49ers QB Ryan Mallett: 74 OVR, 53 SPD, 55 AGI, 50 ACC, 66 AWR, 96 THP, 73 SAC, 75 MAC, 74 DAC, 74 RUN, 88 PAC

Giants QB Jake Locker: 65 OVR, 84 SPD, 77 AGI, 87 ACC, 37 AWR, 91 THP, 73 SAC, 67 MAC, 76 DAC, 82 RUN, 72 PAC

Dolphins QB Blaine Gabbert: 63 OVR, 72 SPD, 67 AGI, 66 ACC, 57 AWR, 86 THP, 71 SAC, 63 MAC, 68 DAC, 70 RUN, 71 PAC

The ratings are almost exactly how I'd scout each of these players aside from the throwing on the run ratings.
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Re: Imported Draft Dynasties

Your class went very well!
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Re: Imported Draft Dynasties

Originally Posted by canes21
Does anyone know what exactly qualifies a player to get drafted? Right now in NCAA 11 I have three Senior WRs all 90+ overalls, but I am worried not all three will go pro since they get equal stats. Instead of one having a great year, they all combine for a great year since I spread the ball around. Does the draft only take like the best 25 players at each spot, or does anyone know exactly how it chooses what SRs go pro?
The game takes top rated players at each position, regardless of stats. It's not 25, but each position is different.
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