Defensive End pass rushing

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Re: Defensive End pass rushing

Originally Posted by TNT713
Madden 11 has full analog control, which it didn't have last year. Where it is most noticed is when a defender needs to suddenly change direction. I can think of a few reasons this may occur, but the one that is probably most likely is the difference in the stick mechanics.

If you swing the analog stick through the middle of the range it actually tells your player to decelerate, stop, then start again. To maintain momentum, you should swing the stick around the edges of the range because it instructs your player to run while still changing direction.

I think you may be feinting your outside move, then swinging the stick thru the range as immediately after your spin. Try either making your spin and swinging the stick down along the edge of the range and toward the quarterback simultaneously, or start swinging the stick just before the spin so you are moving toward the quarterback as you come out of it.

Hope this helps...


Thanks for all your help guys. I'll try all your suggestions later tonight. What I usually do is the split second before my DE engages the OT, I flick the R stick down or left/right, then let go and use my left stick to run. If my initial move can't get past the lineman I'll do it again real quick. I find that if I carelessly flick the R stick repeatedly, my DE will try to hitstick at nothing.
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Re: Defensive End pass rushing

Originally Posted by Nerox23
If thats true then why do they have his Powermove rating at 91?
because madden are idiots.

they had grahams powermove rating at 91 but for any eagle fan out there should know that graham is a finesse lineman ... so simply switch his powermove rating with his finesse move rating ..

i should of said that before i posted, sorry for the confusion. i changed his ratings up to reflect how he plays IRL...
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