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Starting A Madden Franchise

Ok, so I am starting a new Madden 11 Franchise and I was wondering who I should start out with. I always play as the Patriots but it gets REALLY BORING after a while. I have draft classes I got from my NCAA Football 11 (up to 4 years) so I am asking all yall for advice. Who should my new chise be? I might make a Dynasty Post here about it
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise

The typical answer is the Lions, but they actually have some good players to build around now (Stafford, Best, Megatron and Suh mainly). A lot of people are suggesting the Bills, but I would go with the Browns. Sure, they have a solid run game with Peyton Hillis and a decent young QB in Colt McCoy, but they have little talent at WR outside Josh Cribbs, and their defense is pretty bad.

Another thing that can be fun/challenging is to either start a dynasty with a Cupcake Create-A-Team (although you'll have to replace an existing team, and all players on that team will be lost), or to use a team that has less cap room available due to several players with big contracts, like the Cowboys. The 'boys are loaded with talent, but they have a lot of players with huge, long contracts (D. Ware- $13M, Romo- $11M, R. Williams- $9M, Barber- $7M, all have 4+ years left) so in a few years you'll either have to give up high draft picks and players because you can't afford to sign them, or cut trade the guys with big contracts and take the cap hit next year.
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise

Think about doing a Fantasy Draft Franchise.

A new way I am playing fantasy draft is to simulate the entire thing. An alternate time line that re-shuffles the league and makes all the teams more balanced. Everything you think about teams changes. It lets you play as your Patriots still.

Maybe even simulate the entire season and save at the beginning of the off-season. Hire a HC not names "Patriots Coach" and run your team from there.

Just try it. If you don't like it, delete the franchise.
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise

One thing I do when I really want to up the ante is do a fantasy draft, but sort by lowest OVR and truly try to go from rags to riches by drafting low OVR players.
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise

Play with your favorite team and find some really challenging sliders to make winning with a team like the Patriots still feel like winning.
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise


long history, got some current guys who can be building blocks for the future.
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise

Pick one of the worst teams in the league that has very few players to build around. If you play with a team that is already good, what is the point of franchise mode? Find a way to make it a challenge, and build your team to your liking.

It would be nice if you could still change teams in franchise mode, because once you build your team into a dynasty, it gets boring pretty quick.
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Re: Starting A Madden Franchise

I have a franchise going with the Buccaneers. They have a young promising QB, a couple of WR's and DT's, but there's still a lot of work to do getting this team into the playoffs (at least with difficult custom sliders). The absence of a decent offensive line leads to a lot of sacks and hurried throws, and the defense ain't that good either. So it's a decent challenge I think. Worth checking out
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