What happened to Fair Play Rules?

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Re: What happened to Fair Play Rules?

Originally Posted by KBLover
Neither one is realistic. Nor is being forbidden to go for it except for when EA thinks I should be allowed to. I don't cheese or make utterly stupid low percentage plays, even against the AI, but I also want to be able to play mind games, which might include going for it on 4th in short now and then.
And this is why I said that it should be lightened up. You should be able to go for 4th and short(<=3yds) anywhere on the field(see Bill Belicheck). Like an earlier post said, there are things teams can do in real life that I can't do on this game. The defense is woefully underpowered on this game. Every year you hear about how the dev team studied every offensive play of the teams and offense this and offense that, but the defenses remain the same year after year. What you end up with are sophisticated offensive playbooks and some very basic defensive playbooks. To offset that, I'd like some sort of fair play. If I can hold you to 4th and long with these very basic defensive playbooks, I'd like to be rewarded with a punt not a money play that you've kept in your back pocket until 4th down. Of course, I think their should be some exceptions to the fair play rules, but if it could just be used in ridiculous situations like 4th and 18 on your own 25, I'd be satisfied with that.

I understand what you're saying and understand why you wouldn't want fair play, but for every online user like you, there are 3 or 4 more that don't give a rat's arse about strategy and realism. I don't wanna play against people like that so either EA could impose some type of fair play rules in a fair play lobby or fix the games AI and give me enough options on defense to combat the offense. Since I doubt the latter would happen anytime soon, I'd settle for the fair play lobby.
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Re: What happened to Fair Play Rules?

If Madden returns fair play for ranked online games, I would be upset. There are times that the gamers have to take it upon themselves and play defense to make a stop. When you limit what plays a coach can do, it's not simulation football.

Just because you can't make a stop, doesn't mean that it should prevent people that want to take the chance on going for it or come with a surprise play. Improve your defense and play calling tendencies rather than letting the game cater down to you by doing something unrealistic. Chargers wouldn't have been able to do their fake punt on MNF couple weeks ago if fair play was in real life.
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Re: What happened to Fair Play Rules?

Originally Posted by phant030
The difference between me and you, I'm discussing fair play....you want to get your point across about limited animations. You're responding as if I want fair play implemented, so you obviously aren't reading my posts as a whole.
You brought up people taking advantage of 4th down conversion due to bad programming. Limited animation kind of falls into why some want fair play to exist, according to you. Maybe you aren't remembering what's being said.
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