Should Potential Fluctuate?

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Re: Should Potential Fluctuate?

I believe they really need to look into having players ceilings hidden as they do but instead of having potential listed just have their original draft grades.

Have an overall draft grade and then break them down to specifics about the position. arm strength, deep ball acuracy etc for QB's and foot speed and acc for RB's. These should not be numbers but could be based on the old ABC format. Help you decide if the player style fits your team.

Also i'd love to see some kind of college highlights, not video but maybe what their best games were or season stats from last year or even a little blurb about each player just saying what they are like. It would help give an idea of their ceiling, something like saying "small framed DE with high end motor. Gets pushed around by bigger tackles but plays with a lot of heart". you know the guy isn't going to be an anchor on the line and wont be a complete DE so will likely have a low ceiling becuase of low strength and run stopping ability but could have an impact as a passrusher or outside in the 3-4 system.

Doing things like the above could help the devs decide which players in their drafts could be flame outs or the next Tom Brady

I'm just ranting becuase its a slow day at work
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Re: Should Potential Fluctuate?

You guys are looking at this the wrong way. Every NFL player has potential in real life, they are ALL super athletes. Obviously, some are more physically talented than others (Megatron, Chris Johnson, Desean Jackson) and some are more mentally talented than others (Peyton, Polamalu, Urlacher), but the potential for greatness has little to do with either of those things, as many of the players in the NFL are one or the other (every once in a while, both).

This argument tries too hard to quantify unquantifiable ideas. The "Potential" rating in Madden is referring to the player's best possible overall rating. Since the Madden team quantifies overall rating by ACTIONS ON THE FIELD, this is also what should designate the "Potential" rating. The argument about "How good" a player is coming out of the draft is negligible, because that has no bearing on how good a player actually is. (See: Steve Slaton, Brian Westbrook, the real Steve Smith, Miles Austin, Pierre Garcon) Yes, this is what I'm saying; what your scouts tell you about drafted players should have NOTHING to do with their potential.

Miles Austin is a perfect example, I'm going to continue to use him. Since overall is determined by actions on the field, it really comes down to player opportunity. If you draft a 65 ovr wide receiver in the 5th round who is decently athletic, and he gains the 5th string spot, then your team gets hit by a rash of WR injuries (See: Seahawks circa 2008-09) and that 5th stringer rook gets a starting #2 spot, ends up catching 75 balls for 1200 yards and 6 or 7 tds, IF THAT HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE THAT PLAYER WOULD BE RATED BY THE MADDEN TEAM 83ish IN THE NEXT VERSION. Last year, when Madden 10 came out, Miles Austin was rated in the 60s. When Madden 11 came out, Austin was an 89. Why? Because he put up the numbers to justify that he was a good receiver. This is how we should treat potential. It should be completely based off of on the field actions, and have little to nothing to do with what the scouts say.
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Re: Should Potential Fluctuate?

Originally Posted by Frankie3718
For example, you have a guy like Tom Brady. Coming into the league, Tom Brady would have had a very low potential rating, yet he became great. At the same time you have a guy like Jamarcus Russell had unlimited physical potential, yet he underachieved.
That really has to do with the competency of the scouts who both scouted Brady and Russell. Belichick def saw some talent in Brady so he drafted him, and fortunately for him he got an All-pro, superbowl winning quarterback. Brady had potential to Belichick and probably exceeded those expectations. Russell def did have high physical potential, but there are other facets than just the physical to a quarterback's game and that def limited his potential.

I agree that potential is something that can't change, however people's perceptions of talent are obviously different. Some might say well Russell was an A potential type player, or some might say no his mentality isn't all there, he should be a C potential type player. Really to me, each player should have a set potential, but the potential should change based on the scout your team has. If your team has an A+ scout then he should be able to accurately predict your player's potential. Also the system you play in should also affect how quickly or if your player's reach their potential. Right now, Peyton Hillis is playing to his potential because he is familiar and comfortable in the system. The system suits his skill set, but to say his potential should change is wrong, he is just playing near his max right now. Also reaching potential and how quickly should also work on your coach. If your coach is a great teacher, yes than said player should reach his potential and play at it.

Changing potentials shoudl be based off of the perception and skill of scouts not off the play of a player, who might just be playing up to his max potential. The current system is fine where it is, but adding in the scout, system, and coach features and making them more involved would add greater realism.
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Re: Should Potential Fluctuate?

If Madden 12 gives us fully editable players inside the franchise mode then this could be a non-issue. If they would add potential as a rating like in other sports games then we could edit a player potential if they have good years.
I would like to see scouts and scouting reports added. The more you scout a player the more you learn about that player. Also the better your scouts are the more solid grades you get. If you have poor scouts then you get grades that may be way off. This would lead to bad drafts.
I wish EA would also only show the ratings that matter to that player position. I don't care about a HB's tackle rating. If we go into edit the player then we could see all the ratings but for the sake of depth charts the position ratings only matter.
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Re: Should Potential Fluctuate?

It hard to run an enjoyable franchise knowing potential. They should remove potential. Drafting players only on high potential and combine stats can lead to consistent good drafts and always having a good team.
I dont know if it is cheese, but I dont keep players with D-F potential on any of my teams. They should add something else to draft prospects like career stats and accolades.
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Re: Should Potential Fluctuate?

Originally Posted by albert_24
While I agree that a player has a set potential however this should only account for physical stats. Things like awareness and the more mental attributes should be able to max out. Even if a qb doesn't have the greatest arm he could in all honesty be the smartest. A player isn't dumb his whole career. At least most aren't and. Even if a player lacks talent doesn't mean he lacks brains. I think a player like doug flutie who didn't have great tangibles but he did have a lot of good intangibles.
But just because he lacks talent doesnt mean he has brains either. Not all men are created equal both in terms of physical gifts as well as intelligence. Not every player has the mental aptitude to know the game like peyton manning or tom brady or ray lewis
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