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Re: Future Features from a past game..

I cosign everything said.

I always laugh internally when I see the "Owner Mode Offseason" in Madden 11. They call it that but all it lets you do is hire coaches, move the team, and look at finances. I don't know why I would want to look at finances when it doesn't affect anything and I can't adjust them.
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Re: Future Features from a past game..

Reading this stuff just makes me upset. Looking at the "big 3" sports, baseball (mlb the show) and basketball (nba 2k) both have a solid base for coding that they can just adjust as they see fit, however the coding actually provides great gameplay. Playing 2k11, the basics of the game for isomotion are getting the defender to commit one way and then blow by them the other way. You cannot do this with madden, because when it looks as though you should be able to cut upfield passed a defender because you "set him up" by following the run play towards the sideline, the defender somehow turns on a dime right with you when you cut. This has to be a coding issue.

My point is that Madden is way behind the competition (by competition, I can ony talk about NBA 2k and The Show because there are no other nfl games) and in my opinion, the gameplay on the old consoles is better than the new ones we have now. It is sad that we have to go back to games like nfl 2k5, which was made 6 years ago (I was 13 years old) to see a better playing football game than we have now. I just do not understand how EA does not have enough people on the staff to make these things happen. Isn't EA supposed to have all this money from the unbelievable copies of Madden sold? Why can't they use this money to make a new code system? It just baffles me. All I want to do is play a good playing football game that represents it's sport well. That isnt too much to ask if you are a basketball or baseball fan though, but tough luck if you like football cause Madden just isn't getting it done.
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Nothing to see here folks
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Speqaking of swallowing pride, I thought it was big of peter moore to come out and say for Madden 11 to not feature any franchise mode additions. Rather than letting us find out on our own or leading us to believe there was. So obviously they do recognize their fan base and their needs. But I would rather see innovation not just old features brought over.
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