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CPU Running game

Has anyone had any luck in giving the CPU any kind of consistency running the football? The absolute best I seem to be able to do is have them constantly losing yards, gaining no yards, then breaking big gains. Worse case, they are negative for the game *rolls eyes* I don't understand how Madden can continue to just not care if the CPU can run the ball.
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Re: CPU Running game

I know what your saying so that's why I play the no switch player on defense, and the CPU runs a little better.
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Re: CPU Running game

I'm comming over from NCAA. But what I've found out thus far is that some of the Madden ratings hold true to affect on gameplay just like in NCAA.

Every rating has an counterpart on the opposite side of the ball.

via Madskillz
High Player Recognition brings out the Robo Def-Player and makes them react Psychic-like during gameplay. That's what your experiencing with the tackles in the backfield, lack of bite on counters/Play-Action plays etc..

This also plays a role in pass knock-down/int when defender's back is to ball.
(look at Player Recognitions, they must be lowered across the board)

**Granted Star Def-Player's will be higher than avg players, but not to high.

For in-game sliders (Hum/CPU): These must be paired together.

Reaction Def = 100 each (they attack the line as Pro-Players should)
Block Shed= 5-10 each (players with high shed rating still get off block)

Break Tackle= 40/15-25 (you see the effort for YAC)
Tackle= 0 each (more tackle animations are seen both single and gang)
**Also helps improve KR somewhat

Higher Speed Slider seems to affect running also. CPU runners start doing things that don't show up on levels below Fast (I know I will get some flack for suggesting this, but it does affect animations).

Also, find yourself a good roster set that ratings have been adjusted/lowered for gameplay.

Take a base idea, then tweak for what is realistic to you.
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Re: CPU Running game

I'm using a set of sliders custom, where the cpu run block and break tackle are at 100. My run reaction is 32. The cpu consistently averages 4-6 yards per game. He gets stuffed sometimes and sometimes breaks off a 10 yard run. Most gains are 3-4 yards...very realistic. I put the player threshold on 0....seems to help with preventing big plays, although I've had it at 100 and it also seemed to help (go figure).
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