Team Finances have me confused... Help pls!

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Team Finances have me confused... Help pls!

In Off-Line franchise mode, I feel like the team finances page is a little lacking...

It leaves me more confused than it helps me...

-Where do I see my cash on hand?
-Where do I see my income total on the season thus far?
-Where do I see my projected income?
-Whats happens if I go into the red?

When I go to team income, I see these bars, but no exact figures?

The Salary cap is 155M, I'm currently around 112M, I understand that...
but do I actually make enough money to cover the 112M?

If I spent another 43M on FA's to reach the 155M cap would I have enough cash on hand to cover it?

Im so confused... Can anyone shed some light on these bars Im looking at here?

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Re: Team Finances have me confused... Help pls!

Its actually quite simple, and you are looking in the right spot, you're just expecting to much out of the game lol. Franchise is not that deep as to have actual what you've made this year/have left to make. You have the salary cap, and thats it. You can spend up to, but no more than, that number.

Where it says Salary Cap 155m and Current Cap Hit 112m it should also say something like Cap Remaining 43m. Feel free to spend as much of that 43m as you want, but be advised that most players' yearly salary escalates year to year; so Player A who's cap hit this year is 3m might be 6m next year due to the way his contract and bonuses adds up. In that case if you spent the entire 155m this year, that one player would put you over the cap next year meaning you would have to cut someone to get back under the cap.

Sidenote: Be careful who you're cutting in such case you need to get under the cap or need room on your roster to sign someone else. If the player you are trying to cut has bonuses left on his contract, you still have to pay him that money, which comes out of next years salary cap; also known as Cap Penalties. Example- You cut Player A who still has 10m left in bonuses; the next season, instead of starting with 155m, you'd only have 145m. When you try to cut someone it will tell you if you are going to incur any penalties for the next season.
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