OFFICIAL MADDEN WISHLIST THREAD (what you've been waiting for)

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OFFICIAL MADDEN WISHLIST THREAD (what you've been waiting for)

I'll warn you,this is a long list from me.Brace yourself

Listen here.

We need a true scouting, free agency choices, coaching, injury,chemistry, and management of how often players get the ball tool (LOL sounds funny) for madden franchise mode because I’m sick and tired of my team being the best in the league late in franchise mode, I mean for crying out loud in 3 seasons i turned the Lions to the best in the league. Turned the Cheifs (relocated to the LA Clashers) into winning like 14 SB in a row, I had Chad OchoCinco as my coach and his record was 178-24.


When we are looking at rookies, we need to be able to see what stats they have in college so we can say "oh, this kid seems good" (3 of 4 college years 3,779YRD 21 TD)now, we take him into our practice facility test his speed, elusiveness, power (he has an A for potential, make that unlock able by finding more about him) and seek potential for him to fit into your system. you give him a couple plays in practice and the preseason, if he looks good now his final rating comes in lets say Indianapolis Colts Tommy Jones RB 78. Now he plays a whole season and you see his stats aren't where they should be (558 yrd 5 TD) and he's a bust (rating now 74) .you may want to trade him to the raiders or who ever and they are a running team so TADA! this is the perfect system for him and now his rating increases to a 88 and he gets 1,238 YRD 9 TD. Just do it like how you rate players online, if they play good on a consistant rate put their ratings up a bit, vice versa. Do this for all players from now on.

Free agency

This is where a real chemistry system comes in, break it down if he is basing his decision on wanting better stats, playoff contention, money, a chance for shine, a good coach, or seeking a leadership chance to turn a team around. WR Wes Welker (wants more stats and playoff contention) is a free agent he says “I will fit perfectly in a West Coast style offense, I do excellent short routes, I’m quick and I can destroy defenses.” So the Seahawks and Eagles are the top 2 teams for him then of course the Patriots and such and such. He goes to the Seahawks because its less competition at wide receiver, now he’s number one. I want to see a whole thought process when we are selecting FA’s, not just you throw him money and he goes with any damn team (only if he’s money driven).


How the team bonds together, this can determine a winning season or a losing season. Lets see, Vince Young throws a 2 bad passes that could have been TD to Moss in one game and now Moss is saying “this guy should be benched ,get him out! or I’m done here” this will create havoc and holdouts which is what I want to see. There should be a chemistry flow rating like Tom Brady getting on a hot streak with Welker and his other receivers and they are all getting along just loving what s going on and have no complaints. Even with defense, big hits should pump players up and have them flowing a bit changing the tempo. Even like Dwight Freeney getting a sack on 2nd down all fired up and now he’s anxious, 3rd and long QB changes his cadence “hut blue 19!,hut ! hut!” now Freeney is offside or even a false start on the LT because he’s determined to block Freeney. This is how the team overall should be Detroit Lions for example offense 78, defense 74, special teams 73, chemistry 80. You see that although that they are not in the best of circumstances, they still fight why? because of chemistry. This should now implement a leader ship rating and willingness rating. the willingness to stick with a team no matter what for a period of time.


Leadership, play calling, offense style, defense style, bonding skills. Leadership on a coaches behalf could make or break a team, Wade Phillips was a chump and got dumped for Garret now everything changed like their motive especially (make this a rating). Play calling rating allows how they use their players like the Jets suck with play calling at times and the Steelers could have very well won last night. Do what is friendly to your players. Offense style West Coast, spread offense, Run n Gun, trickery etc… Defense, 3-4, 4-3, 4-4, cover 2, 5-2 . bring back create a playbook and add on to an existing player book. Coaches you assign that where never head coaches before should require you to make a play book of your own and include plays for other books. Bonding skills brighten chemistry as well like Rex Ryan, he mingles with his players a lot and that’s a plus. The defense types should determine stats the 3-4, middle linebackers should get the most tackles and OLB’s should get the most sacks, in the 4-3 the line should have more tackles (not like hundreds of them but more than normal )

How Often your guys get the ball

You should be able to set which RB is getting the most runs from your 1st to 3rd string, which receiver is the #1 option, it can even be a RB you like to screens a lot or a TE even. Like that right there should get one of the WR upset and hold out or want to leave because a RB and/or TE is getting more chances than him.


Players should not always be 100% after every game,people get banged up so have that show in madden. they shouldn't always have their perfect 97 rating. If they get ruffed up they should drop a little bit and rest through out the week and they might get back to normal for the following game.If a QB gets sacked show him limping it off and maybe his speed goes down a littles as well or his throwing pow/acc. Have a injuries history thing for every player with a model and have arrows at the parts he injured. if he get hit there constantly make him injury prone but dont make this ridiculous.All these things should force a player to retire or lessen his rating also let toughness come into play,Bret Favre is a trooper he played through everything.

************************************************** *********
  1. Franchise mode
  • During the pro bowl,have the players with the helmet of the team they play for
  • Bring back the Tony Bruno show,newspaper,and have a decent weekly wrap up (a detailed summary of the games)
  • Have position battles and player roles
  • Let the player's morale effect if they want to be traded,want more money,or even more play on the field
  • Spring training would be nice to have
  • When we scout rookies lets be able to practice with them and determine their stats.Also when we draft players,it should be something where we can see their stats in college.Before we sign the rookies,we should practice with them in spring training.
  • During free agency the players should have a list of standards that they want before they sign with a team.example Albert Hanyesworth"I expect to be payed well,I like the 4-3 defense,and I also want to contend in the playoffs etc.."
  • Bring back the rookie all star game so that can also be used as a scouting tool
  • We should be able to premote coaching staff,fire them,or even resign them during the season.It would also be nice if we can edit a real team's uniform with out relocating
  • There should be an option to let players play though injuries,like if peyton manning got a sprained ankle on sunday and he needs to chill for 2 weeks BUT its a game on Thursday we should have the option to let him play even with his stats decreased
2. Other things
  • Having all the new helmets such as the "revo speed","schutt ion 4d",and the "schutt AIR XP"would be great
  • I would like to see weather/day transition.If a game starts out with light snow,later on it should get heavier or even stop.Day transition is like if a game starts at 4 its clear,blue skies and around the 4th quarter it should look like the evening,like the sky is all orange looking.
  • Have different blocking animations like on special teams you're running full speed and the blocker drops his shoulder and the defender gets blasted
  • Bring back create a playbook
  • Make weather play a big part on how the game is played so like if you're playing the Colts with a great passing game,they should suffer because that is taken away by the weather conditions.
  • I wanna see some better catching animations like one handers and things like that.Have a rating for receivers called "flashiness" to determine how often they try for one handers other than sticking to fundamentals
  • Let equipment matter such as gloves,if a player has no gloves make him less likely to catch a pass as opposed to a player with gloves
  • Overhaul create a team
  • When i play on the pro skill level i always win but on all pro i struggle due to the total BS that happens,I want a realistically challenging mode not one thats challenging because of unreal things that happen.Like i would do a pass play and i have good protection with a receiver wide open,i get ready to throw and boom a D lineman comes out of no where and stops the play.Its annoying because I want to be challenged fairly,you know?
  • I would love to see helmets popping off when you make big hits
  • celebrations should be made when a big play happens like after a big hit have the person make some noise and hop around or slap a teammate a five,show some team emotion.
  • Have a chemistry rating that is functional
  • Some type of energy bar would be nice so we can have proper speed burst,and not one determined by the computer
************************************************** *********

hey,its been a while since i have posted a blog because im getting older and busier (about 2 months now) lol.

im big on franchise mode for madden and i can give great ideas for it all day for the best realism you can ever imagine.

just now for some reason,i thought about one of my RB's on my team and he has AWESOME footwork and he breaks a lot of tackles (like a protak animation type of thing),i witnessed this in our brooklyn tech game .the only way i see this happening is because he has strong legs and he's put of some weight since our youth football days.

now in madden there should be something where you work your players out like if you want his power to improve, have a squat bar and have him progress into the running back you want him to be and fit him into your offense.

if you want your QB to be a scrambler,have some running drills like every practice week,have him do 10 laps around a track in your practice facility.

also,if your CB sucks at tackling,set up some cones representing the gaps and do some tackling drills.

im just thinking about how much he has improved from back then and i thought this would be perfect for madden.
************************************************** ********************************

tell me what you think or add on to it.thanks! im sorry for the huge list but i think you'll enjoy reading it,its worth it. P.S. these are from my old blogs.

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Re: OFFICIAL MADDEN WISHLIST THREAD (what you've been waiting for)

well we oviously need training camp, better scouting( films, ect), pro days, senior bowl, franchise tenders. something like pro tackle 2.0 and locomotion 2.0( just a basic update of both ).
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Re: OFFICIAL MADDEN WISHLIST THREAD (what you've been waiting for)

There is already a wish list forum.


Post this there instead.
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Re: OFFICIAL MADDEN WISHLIST THREAD (what you've been waiting for)

man, great write-up, i enjoyed that read! i want all that and more, lol, ^^aux-mods lol

How often can the bug be reproduced? That's a question for the developers...I'm not testing this for them...
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Re: OFFICIAL MADDEN WISHLIST THREAD (what you've been waiting for)


thanks alot for reading it,glad you enjoyed it bro.
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