Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

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Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

1. Cpu never returns a KO for a TD (I finally returned one and had a few long ones using the run to the middle and then back out technique).
2. If I get this animation one more time I'm going to puke (insert your choice). For me its My QB gets hit, a D lineman picks off the "burped" ball and runs it in for a TD (suddenly there's not an offensive player in sight). This has happened almost once a game for me (or it seems that way) so much so that I now reserve 1 rewind for when this occurs. May not be fair but I'm tired of games changing because of this play which in real life happens 2-3 per season in the entire NFL....if I play 16 games I'll bet it happens 5-8 times.
3. Anyone ever block a punt or FG? At least the cpu missed an extra point the other day. I was floored, it was the first one in about 100 tries by the cpu, but I'm grateful as it happens very occasionally in real life. (It was a blizzard as well that game).
4. The cpu QB is streaky. Typically he starts the game with a bunch of completions in a row (but almost always short enough not to sustain drives) his stats at the half are always something like 18-22 for 179 yards. Then in the second half he cools off and ends up with a stat line like 25-39 (a lesser QB) or 29-40 if he's good.
5. My Rb, almost never puts two good halves together (generally he struggles all game although some slider adjustments a practice have helped). Often I have a statline (the other day with Chris Johnson I had this 12 carries, 102 yards at the half...finished with 24 carries 138 yards.
6. If a kicker doesn't have a great leg, he never puts the KO in the endzone, even with a 19 mph wind at his back (has happened to me numerous times).
7. Games with snow always look like night time. I know a storm makes it darker outside but it's pitch black usually.
8. If you punt block the cpu punter he almost always shanks it out of bounds.
9. If you get off to a lead of more than 10 points in the first half the cpu never comes back.
10. Before every game Chris Collingsworth's analysis is always about the two QB's.....I even tried 2 create a teams with horrible qB's and they were still the "keys" to the game. Lame-o....come on EA, at least a random analysis that includes other positions or players would be a huge improvement.
11. What's with Santa Claus at every game? Was it like that pre-patch as well????
Just some observations.....I like the game actually but I"ve noticed these things come up often. To be fair the old gen had it's quirks as well. I'm enjoying this game the most of any next gen Madden. I hope they bring back some of the presentation stuff...halftime show, post game etc.
Also how about a better Superbowl pregame...the post game is not bad and the white house visit is a nice touch...but the pregame looks the same as regular season...again Lame-o.

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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

I just did the same thing in another thread but my list is totally different from yours. Probably because I play my games against an actual person and not the CPU. Against a HUM player on the same console, blocking FG/EP is actually pretty easy because you can see their kicking meter and time your jump off the line.

I really want to but just can't see to get into the game. Really hoping Madden 12 is something more to my liking.
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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

1. Yes they do. If you dont controll any players on the kickoff the CPU returns a realistic amount of TDs against you.
2. That rarely happens becouse QBs have learned when its smart to take sacks, annd when its not. You should learn that aswell.
3. I have blocked maybe 4 or 5 FGs this year as well as some punts. So yes, it is possible.
4. Thats the way its irl aswell.
5. Thats the way its irl aswell.
6. Agreed. You will have to edit the sliders to fix this.
7. Lol. Havent noticed that. But might be correct.
8. Thats the way its irl aswell.
9. Sometimes they do.
10. Correct. If you play a rookie QB for his first time in a super bowl Colin will still say that he has experience, and has been there before.
11. Its becouse its December.
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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

See TomBrady's post. Also, regarding number two, we saw Drew Brees do that twice in a row on back to back drives on Monday Night.

Learn to take a sack or get the ball off quicker.
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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

I have the CPU come back against me all the time. It happens in rivalry games, when Frank Gore or Steven Jackson break infinity tackles. There will be plays where both the DT and DE have him and he'll break free, then he will go knock over my linebacker and strong safety for an 80 TD.

My biggest pet peeve is the 3-4 fumbles a game that I average on All-Madden mode. I once fumble the ball on 3 consecutive plays in a row, all while holding R1 to protect the ball. I wonder if someone at EA sees if it is realistic to have almost 70 fumbles in a season?!
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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

hey mjhyankees it's TheSanchize from VSN!

I'm not hardcore enough or anything to answer all but one of your questions. The Santa Clause part is because of your system date. When we get out of the Holiday season, I believe (at least from what I've heard) he will disappear....
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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

No. 2 used to bother the hell out of me too, but I rarely do it anymore. You just need to be more aware of the blitzes, and like everyone else said, learn t take the sack (which can be hard. As far as no. 6, i think that's the way it should be. IRL the other team would make adjustments and come out keying in on the run. Same with QB's being streaky: it happens. I definately have the same problem with kickoff returns. I should probably do like Tom Brady (ick) said but it's kinda hard to resist the urge to take control of a player some times
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Re: Is it just me or when playing Madden 11 it.....

i have my issues with M11, however the only thing i dread IS HAVING THE LEAD WITH 2:00 MINS LEFT IN THE FIRST HALF.

the cpu will launch 4 verticals 3 straight times, sometimes missing a guaranteed first down to a RB or TE its just too greedy for a TD....ahhhh

to address TC its subjective to skill leved mostly i dont have all those issues you mentioned but i can believe they are present
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