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QB vision 2.0

I feel that I have the best solution to a new QB vision in madden. However we do want to keep a good looking realistic presentation right?

Here It goes.

How about while you're in the pocket you press LB (L1 ps3) for left vision and the QB turns his head or RB (R1) for right vison.

Move the Pump fake Button to pushing up the right joy stick and QB evasion moves Right or Left just like juking.

Pretty simple, you think?

If you're thinking about the receiver buttons they'll have to do (brackets for ps3 buttons) X (square),Y (Triangle),B (Circle),A (X button) and for the fifth receiver make it LB+X (L1+Square) which would mean to always have that guy on the left.

If you look left lock out the right side from being available until you switch by pressing RB. How ever, if you're doing a drag route you start on the right but go left (vice versa) that receiver will now be available.Real QB's can't see the whole field at once right?

You have to sharpen your skills and they'd have to fix the pass rush to make this playable.

I think that this will really give us a real QB feel in the game. What do you think?

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Re: QB vision 2.0


I say make the Left trigger (xbox) the fifth receiver button. What does it do know from the QB pos.

A qb vision should have two limits

First the QB should be limited to what he can see. 1st vision cone

Second it should limit the number of WR's the Qb can see. (Tom brady could look at all 5 read, Tim Tebow could see two reads)
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Re: QB vision 2.0

Closing this one up, just like the one from yesterday. Use the vision cone discussion thread.
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