Something that would make superstar fun.

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Re: Something that would make superstar fun.

Something else is why is the camera so far back?? At least give me the option to bring it in closer. It's basically the opposite of what superstar should be. I'm not saying make it like backbreaker, but at least give the option to zoom in.
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Icon8 Re: Something that would make superstar fun.

Yes, SS mode if the only be a player mode in any sports game that I just cannot get into. I dont know why but I just can't
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Re: Something that would make superstar fun.

Superstar mode should be in every sports game. And it's actually the one mode I always look forward to in any sports game. Who doesn't want to create a player that represents himself and try out with the real players? It's an escape from the drama you find in online gaming or the frustration in franchise modes. So I disagree on scrapping this mode. It has never been looked at by developers. 2K11's player mode, while not perfect, really keeps my attention and like the OP said, always have you in the mix of the action on the court and get graded for it. Madden 12 would be a great way for me to return to the madden games (didn't get Madden 11) with a promising superstar mode.

The one thing I don't like about some my career like modes is that plays aren't always tailored to your player (i.e. 2K11, plays are rarely called to help build your player). When I did play career mode in Madden, too many run plays were called when I was an up and coming receiver. Madden 12 would be great to have a powerful career mode in which the mode focuses greatly on that player you're trying to build up. Your player is a RB, the game should give him enough running plays, screen plays, and pick up blitzes, etc. If he's a receiver, game should let the player go out and block on running plays and get graded for making a key block that got that resulted into a first down or even a bonus if your WR sprung a block for a rushing TD or Rec TD helping another receiver score, in addition to making plays catching passes.

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Re: Something that would make superstar fun.

Madden Superstar made should be more like NCAA Football RTG Mode and it should include sports center from ESPN NFL 2K5 include it in franchise mode and superstar mode. It should have a show like foxsports halftime show, pregame show and post game show hightlighting games and stats from the games like in real life. Have it open world like you can travels to away games on the bus or airplane like real players do in reallife and have a apartment before the draft and after the draft. Talk to the press like on channel 36 news and have the weather man tell you the weather like on foxsports.com. Have a computer in your apartment checking stats for your team and around the league like nfl.com, to see where your team ranks around the league and the super bowl champions should be in first place.
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