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Run/Pass Commit

I don't know if there is a thread about this already yet, but I really think that "Commit" should be reinstated into Madden 12. I feel that it plays a really big part throughout the course of a game, and I have no idea why EA Sports got rid of it (like they did with a lot of other things). For one, "Commit" played a big part towards the ends of games, because sometimes (when I have a late lead), and the CPU foolishly calls a play-action pass or something of that nature, my defenders will still go for the running back, or vice versa. It doesn't make any sense. I'd rather have them hand it off, and commit to the pass, and then get burned on a run play rather than have that foolishness happen.

Also, I think that "Commit" made the play-action passing game effective, because if the CPU is running it very well against me, and they call a play-action pass after running down the whole field against me, it serves me right to commit to the run and then get burned on a passing play.

Therefore, I think that "Commit" should be brought back into Madden 12.
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Re: Run/Pass Commit

I agree but i dont think it will happen.
It was in 06/07 i think but it didnt show you the effect on the players.

Good gameplay mechanic, i also miss the heartbeat rumble on gamewinning kicks man that was intense. Me and my friends use to freak out made them so much more intense!
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Re: Run/Pass Commit

A few things...

1. I agree. Players/defenses often commit to the run or pass, especially in "obvious" situations. It's what makes play action, draws and screens work in certain situations. It's what gets a safety tackling a RB in the backfield. It's why it's easier to pass on 1st down & harder on 3rd.

2. I think players should be programmed to commit or read in certain situations according to their tendencies or awareness unless the user overrides and commits to the run/pass. Most d-linemen, for example, should be in rush mode on 3rd & long, and more suceptible to the draw/screen.

3. There need to be animations & stances for committing. DEs should be in that track stance on passing downs or when the user pass commits, and should get up field much quicker, for example.

4. There needs to be a mechanic for normal SS depth, 8 in the box & a 2-deep look for at least base(4-3 & 3-4) defenses, and that could also contribute to the overall committment of the defense.
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Re: Run/Pass Commit

I agree it seems that in certain situations you shouldn't have guys playing the run......I compensate by pressing when it's a suspected running play and staying back when not. It gives my guys a better chance to play the run. Sometimes I'll bring my safety into the box on a running play...but yeah I liked that feature too.

I may be the only one but I liked the "Tony bruno show"....I'd rather listen to sports talk than music when fooling around in franchise mode. It was also cool how he'd talk about your game.
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