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Re: Opinion- NCAA 11 vs Madden 11

Originally Posted by Gotmadskillzson
Yep before the release day patch, for those who were fortunate to get NCAA 11 early, know that all the QBs in that game use to scramble quite often, from the scramblers to the pocket passers.

But after that release day patch, that game was changed forever, QB stayed behind the line of scrimmage at all times, no matter what. That is why I deleted all those patches.

Anyway back to the question at hand. NCAA 11, player models look better, the lighting looks better, the highlight reel system looks better. Madden has too many ads for my liking and the commentary on Madden just bores me, I can't stand their tone of voice at all.

Both are fun to play though. And I definitely would like both games cpu QBs to scramble way more when given the opportunity to. Same thing with penalities, not enough being called in either game, even with all maxed out.

I do love how the running backs on Madden 11 run with a purpose, too bad their QBs don't run with a purpose too. However the blocking on NCAA 11 seems better on most plays. But yet the blocking on Madden 11 punt returns is way better then NCAA 11.

Seems like both games suffer from the same problem. They will go 1 step forward in one area of the game, but then go 5 steps back in another area of the game.

At the end of the day, college sports are always more exciting to me then pro sports. Dysnasty mode is more fun then franchise mode. Franchise mode takes no skill to succeed.

All you need is money and a couple of trades to take a scrub team to a power house. Where in dynasty, it takes skill to land a recruit, then build him up over the years, then build your school up over the years.

Then it is all the traditions and rivalries in college football. Just a totally different atmosphere. Every game means something in NCAA 11, one lose can and more then likely cost you a title shot. So therefore you play every game like it is your last.

Madden...........don't matter. You can lose 6 or 7 times, still make the playoffs and still win the super bowl.
RBs in Madden run with a purpose you say? Most definitely agree on this one. RBs in Madden WILL gut you and snap ankles regularly AND look good while they're doing it. I love it. I'm in my 5th season now with a mixture of NCAA draft classes and Madden pre created and it is a blast I must say.
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Re: Opinion- NCAA 11 vs Madden 11

For head to head play against other humans, I'm starting to think that Madden is better. Partly because mobile QBs just break the game on NCAA, whereas there are only a couple QBs on Madden who are mobile and can throw decently. And also partly because the ratings stretch seems to do a better job differentiating between good and bad players. On NCAA, if you play online everybody takes teams like LSU, Ohio State, or Alabama, and basically every starter is somewhere above 85 OVR. On Madden, virtually every team has serious strengths and weaknesses, and it feels like more of a chessmatch to find and exploit mismatches.

Also, NCAA has a lot of issues dealing with 4+ WR sets, largely because the ratings are set up such that you need really good DBs to hold up in man coverage (and most zones don't work correctly), and most teams don't have 4 DBs with high enough man coverage ratings to guard spread formations. But on the other hand, most of the top teams on the game have at least 4 good receivers, plus a decent threat at TE. So basically unless you have an all-star defense matched up against a really bad offense, the spread passing game is overpowered.

I like NCAA's no-huddle system, and I hate the way that Madden changed the pre-play controls this year. Even though they added the strategy pad back, the pre-snap audible system is a lot clunkier, with no perceivable upside. Overall the offensive playbooks are better on NCAA, but the defensive playbooks are a lot better on Madden. Plus, a lot of the "college style" option plays don't work correctly, so most of the spread option offense stuff doesn't really work on the game as well as it does in real life.

I feel like the run defense is more realistic on Madden, and the DL actually gets penetration and LBs don't fall for counter plays every single time you run them. On the flip side, play action actually works on Madden, so there's more of a payoff for establishing the run in terms of getting big plays in the passing game.

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