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View Poll Results: Running QA straight for the sideline to wait for a receiver to get an open, is it sim
Yes, it's sim 9 23.08%
It's cheesy 30 76.92%
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Re: Is this sim?

You have to understand that it's not always a sim v cheese argument. It's possible this person sucks at football games....so he is uncomfortable in the pocket...so he rolls out and sits...if you dont stop it, it becomes his way of playing the game b/c this is how he is most effective. He doesn't know he is cheesing, he is trying to win playing his game.

As a defensive coach, you know exactly what he is doing but cant stop it...is it the game or is it your playcalling. You're so worried and frustrated about it being sim v. cheese you not creating ways to stop his play, regardless of if its realistic.

Since playing the FN: Champion demo, i'll use it as an example....i suck at in fighting....so instead of brawling with a brawler, i decide to lay on the ropes, jab out, then go lay on the other ropes....am I cheating or not being realistic b/c you wouldn't see this fighter fight in this manner? It sucks, its boring, and frustrating....but if you are falling into the trap...whose fault is it?

We can't control how others users play games, but we can control where the blame goes...and it's not Maddens/EAs fault all the time. It's not wrong to want Madden to get better, but this is one thing you have to understand as a gamer...if you're not willing to accept it, you should play random users. Just think of how we play when we were younger...we didn't know we were 'cheesing' we were just playing the game.
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Re: Is this sim?

I don't know it's a roll out basically which is real. I'm sure if a pro QB could get all the way to the sideline and be untouched they would. Play on all madden...I never get away with this vs the cpu.
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Eh. Prolly not sim, but easy. Let your cbs contain or blitz so he can't get out there.

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Re: Is this sim?

I'm not an EA fanboy by any stretch and certainly like 2k better but even those games had exploits that required 'house rules',so it doesn't mean that games that generally play a good game of football won't have issues.
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Re: Is this sim?

Originally Posted by Knowlegist
I was playing a dude in a league playoff game and almost everytime he was in shotgun he would immediately take off with his QB for the sideline and sit there until one of his receivers broke open. I know this is done quite a bit in lobby play but in a sim league, do you think this should be allowed. Keep in mind there is no blitz on the play just a 3 man rush.

Poll should say QB not QA.
Yes it's cheesy but why are you using a 3 man rush everytime? Like others said that's not even a rush, but if you are going to do that at least try and do some other things. Are you even trying QB contain hot routes or qb spy?

I play random games online all the time against people with only 50% and above records and Ive only had one person in recent memory who tried that and it might have worked for a quarter or so.

Send at least 4, get some speed at DE so that he cant get to the edge (sub in a linebackers at DE if you have to) and be creative. People are so lazy on defense -- be creative, use routes, and make sure you make up match up properly and you should have some success.
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