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New Madden Online Franchise Xbox 360

I'm looking to start a casual sim Madden Franchise on Xbox 360 with Madden NFL 11. It's casual for busy people but still with sim rules. No in depth salary cap or anything like that. Just need 31 other people that will actually play. I was also going to use the Xtreme-Football.net website as our main area and start a message board for scheduling games and for contacting me and other members like if you were going out of town or something and couldn't make the match. The basic rules are below.

Advance twice a week - Mondays and Fridays at 7:30 am EST. This way you have Mon-Thurs to get your week game in and Fri-Sun to get the weekend game in. 2 games a week is do-able.

No going for it on 4th down unless trailing in the 4th quarter with less than 5 minutes to go.

No cheesing or any other cheating will be tolerated. I have a 3 strike system in place. Miss 3 games without a notice and you're gone cheating or cheesing 3 times and you're gone.

No running up the score. if there's 3:02 left in the 4th and you have the ball and are winning 21-10....don't go lobbing hail marries just be respectful.

The free agent system is debatable. I say we call it to a vote to see who gets who.

Trading is allowed, i don't care who you trade for what, just as long as its posted on the message board and both parties agree, a virtual agreement.

There is a section for blogs on every teams page, i don't want to make it mandatory but 1 blog a month i think is reasonable. However you are free to write as much as you want.

I would also prefer players who are at least 23 and up. Mature and no tempers, it is just a game after all.

I would also prefer players who aren't "great" at Madden as i am pretty bad. but, i guess you can't really hold being better against someone

Right now i don't have anything set up or a name for the league i was just wanted to see if anyone was interested.

I've claimed the Buccaneers. all other teams are open for now.

Just leave your gamertag and email and i'll get with you. my gamertage is jaybrek and you can PM me here at operation sports for questions or comments.


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Re: New Madden Online Franchise Xbox 360

You gotta use the online forum, bud. closed.
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