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getting sacks tips?

can anyone give me any tips how to get more sacks in madden 11 espically with the lineman im the giants and most of my sacks are coming from the linebackers
can any1 give me some tips?
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Re: getting sacks tips?

Can't help you much with the linemen, try to get some linemen with high finesse move and block shedding and hope they come through, not much you can do to help them in my experience.

What can be a killer is calling a CB blitz on 3rd & long, flip the play so the CB on the weak side blitzes and user him into motion towards the QB when he snaps the ball, if your DE can occupy the tackle you can usually charge in for the sack or at least a quick, bad throw(nothing you can do against those, you just gotta get lucky to actually get the sack)
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Re: getting sacks tips?

Sometimes reblitzing everyone on the line can get you more penetration, but this usually is the most effective with a linebacker or two coming in behind them.
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Re: getting sacks tips?

Try diving at the quater back. I know it's somewhat cheap but it can work. Practice it train yourself to dive at him. 8/10 times you can get a sack.
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Re: getting sacks tips?

i play with the giants also, all you have to do is rush with tuck and i get 1 or 2 sacks a game
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