Some nice ideas by me

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Some nice ideas by me

Wassup everyone, these are some more things that i came up with.

I was thinking should fatigue effect awareness and speed in game?

Why i buy this idea? because if you're tired, you don’t really think straight and you're sluggish. So make use of subs and there should be a fresh vs. tired affect and stats should be decreasing and increasing back to normal. So like if you run a reverse play on a tired defense, more often or not that play should be a huge success (hence some of them aren't aware). Also, maybe this is the reason why my star linebacker can’t get at least 10 tackles a game like most of them so.

Should progressing and digressing be done differently?

Sure why not, progressing should be done by how well you do right? so if a C potential WR has a great season, should he still be a C? not at all, once someone passes a certain amount of years (lets say 4) then he should lose that potential rating and make a final stand in the league as to what type of player he is.So like if Tom Brady sucked in college, he'd be a D potential QB and he's put in and did well on a constant rate. Is he still D worthy? Now look at Alex smith and David Carr (what happened to this guy Carr? damn), high potential and they stink now so how would an A potential guy like that get better every season like they do in madden no matter what type of season they have? The world may never know. Now to the digressing side, age and past injuries should be a bother like it is in real life. Injuries messes up many careers which is what I want to be in madden. Remember Steve Slaton and Willie Parker? both great RB but put down by injuries. I like things like this because its annoying always being the team on top in madden, I want to put somebody out and have them struggle to get back to normal or have that happen to my players. Its no risk factor in the game. Age and being battered should decrease one’s rating. I like how before in madden they had career ending injuries man and forced retirements, bring that BACK!

Should some type of team spirit rating be introduced?

If you are having bad seasons consecutively, players should then turn on the team (usually the ones with low morale, or the ones with decreasing morale) and want trades, not sign, hold out, request to be released or even a more shocking twist RETIRE (one of old age sort of, “I’ve had enough im done”). This should also affect some free agents (bring back the considerations). Also this should change the depth chart, coach sits him down because he’s upset at his player.>>

How about a better challenge system?

No explanation, just have a list of calls and make accurate decisions because its very annoying how it is right now.

Shouldn’t players look for a chance to actually play?

Here’s why I ask, I was using the Rams in franchise trying to find a complement running back for Jackson. It wasn’t many of value available but Joseph Addai so I try to sign him and the jets are in my way of receiving him, they have LT, Greene, and then some fake player with a 90 rating. Why the heck do the need the fake guy, LT, and Greene let alone Addai who didn’t even play when he signed with them? Also I required Garcon via FA which I think should be a factor in decision making(old teammate reuniting).Have a smarter drafting and free agent system please.

Franchise mode presentation suggestions:

Stop with the boring loading screen with facts no one cares about and have a pre game show making predictions as to who would win. Then go into everything else, players warming up, getting hype, the coin toss with audio etc… (right now it has no sequence in madden)

Have the stat ticker while you’re playing.

Have preseason, beginning of the season, mid and playoff specific commentary.

Proper halftime and post game show but make sure to include real highlights (not some of the corniest plays), stats , and the current progress of other games, then move back into your game.

When a player has to clutch the game like the kicker, show him practicing and show the players getting nervous on the sideline. If they clutch it have the announcer saying example: “Oh Sebastian Janikowski boots it and its good! Raiders advance to the playoffs!” then you show the player’s reactions (both teams), you know? Just show the spirit of football. At the end, have the shaking hands and giving respect.

Thanks for reading my list , good day to all!
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Re: Some nice ideas by me

you do realize you dont need to make a new thread for every idea you have, right?
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Re: Some nice ideas by me

stay on topic,dont ask me any questions about that. good day.
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Re: Some nice ideas by me

Well, since you are being so nice and not making obnoxious topics, I am going to reply in the same fashion.

Wassup, your ideas really don't matter and are not going to be used in next years Madden.
“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.”

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Re: Some nice ideas by me

Annoying use of smileys made it impossible to read.
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Re: Some nice ideas by me

Use the wishlist thread , and guys, be a little nicer when dealing with someone. Thank you
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