Unpredictable Bounces

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Unpredictable Bounces

As it stands now, when the ball hits the ground, it's as if it's dropping into thick malasses, it hits the ground and doesn't roll around afterward. If a player fumbles the rock, I would like to see it bounce around, and have players have to actually chase after it. Ball physics in general need to be improved. It's like the field is metal and the ball is a magnet. That's the impression I get when I play. The only time the ball ever really bounces around on the field, is on punts and kickoffs, and even then it leaves a lot to be desired.

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Re: Unpredictable Bounces

Maybe improve the ball bouncing when players run into it and yes it maybe should roll a little but other than that I don't think so. If you're running with the ball and drop it, it's not going to bounce around a whole lot unless it gets kicked or something. Take into place that as soon as its dropped people are scrambling to get it. Besides could you imagine the frustration when you have the ball right there and it just 'bounces' away. Maybe when slot of people are around it standing up but when a whole punch of people dive on it, it's not gonna go anywhere.
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Re: Unpredictable Bounces

Yeah the ball physics especially on fumbles should really be overhauled. Right now, it's the ball that moves completely predictable and slowly while the players seem to be jumping around like crazy, completely unable to get on a ball that's absolutely motionless right in front of them on the ground. It should really be the other way round...
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Re: Unpredictable Bounces

Agreed... The ball bounces could use some work and would be immediately noticed and appreciated by all!!!

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Re: Unpredictable Bounces

Also tipped balls should be looked at.
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