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Re: DT or CB

Originally Posted by thenmber2
Thanks guys. I don't get on here too much, nor have I had much of a chance to play lately. But I'm getting it started up again.

What do you think about a WR or CB?
This, to me, isn't as cut and dry as the DT/CB. I would say it comes down to where you are most deficient, and your mentality in playing the game. I didn't put a whole lot of stock in big-time receivers (probably because I have a 98 rated one) until recently. My main guy went down and suddenly, my offense, which was run-based, stalled.

And it wasn't even the speed factor that I missed the most: guy's couldn't get off the press, 3rd down passes were dropped left and right, and I really missed his blocking on the edge in the running game.

Just in my line of thinking, I can find a solid corner with a good zone rating and play him as the nickel, but I've had a hard time finding receivers that are well-rounded. There are plenty of fast guys, but maybe their acceleration is low or their catch in traffic is terrible (which makes him useless to me). Or maybe he's got good ACC and AGI, and he catch everything, but he's got 83 speed, which can limit the play-calling.

My team right now is stocked with well-rounded corners, so that's probably why I feel this way, but if you can find a total package WR (speed, AGI, great hands, and can beat the press), that's the way I'd go.
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Re: DT or CB

Definitely go with the corner, I prefer to build my defense around my secondary before the D-Line.
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