Bump Coverage: "Wins" and "Losses" Always Don't Match Up

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Bump Coverage: "Wins" and "Losses" Always Don't Match Up

EDIT: Title Should Say: "Wins" and "Losses" Don't Always Match Up.

In WR/CB interaction during bump coverage, I've found that WR "Wins" will often benefit the CB and CB "Wins" will often benefit the WR.

Now on the regular Streak/Go routes, when the WR beats the bump, he is clearly wide open. This is done properly, although I'd rather not see the WRs running as open as they are sometimes.

The problem is on any route that has a cut involved: Outs, Ins, Posts, Curls, etc. When the WR "wins" the bump at the line, it often puts the CB in a BETTER position to make a play on the route. The CB is usually able to easily cut off outs, curls and posts.

When the CB gets his hand on the WR at the line, it's often easier for the user to "throw the WR open" which leads to the WR morphing away from the CB and getting open easily.

Here is the WR "winning" at the line and the CB making an easy play on the route:

Here is the CB holding up the WR a bit, but the WR then gets easy separation for the reception:

Videos are on Default All Pro.

WRs who beat bump coverage while running underneath routes actually HELP the defense.

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Re: Bump Coverage: "Wins" and "Losses" Always Don't Match Up

Similar to real life the art of 'throwing a receiver open' is important in Madden...

In these videos the receiver is running a route back toward the coverage that he has already beaten, giving the defender a chance to make a play. Coaches everywhere tell receivers to run away from man coverage, but in these videos the receiver does the opposite...

This could be avoided by using the passing mechanic that allows players to sight adjust their routes by throwing passes at different times, velocities, and trajectories.

In the case of the out route, the ball should be thrown IMMEDIATELY as the receiver breaks the jam. The pass would be placed upfield and away from the defender.

Also, a smart receiver that breaks a jam so easily is unlikely to cut directly back toward a defender. Most often, in real life, we see the receiver turn his route into a deep threat and throw his hand up to signify that the defender is toast...

It seems the passes from these videos were thrown on a low trajectory with velocity. Almost NEVER are these passes complete when the defender is underneath the receiver. The out route, run slightly deeper is still an easy completion against bump-n-run coverage if the ball has arc enough to loop over the defender's outstretched arms.

The right throw in either of these instances makes the WR 'win' a legitimate win. The wrong throw makes it a defender win.

just my 2 cents...

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Re: Bump Coverage: "Wins" and "Losses" Always Don't Match Up

I see you were putting in work last night Palo. First the thread with the pass rush, now this.

Leaving aside the fact, that Madden CBs play press far more than real life counterparts, I have never liked how a CB is automatically in great position when he gets beaten on a curl. This also goes for dig routes. They are in an ideal trail technique, but it's not happening through the design of the defensive call which I would like to see tweaked.

I've always wondered if some of this is due a limited amount of animations the CPU can access to represent some of this.
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Re: Bump Coverage: "Wins" and "Losses" Always Don't Match Up

I think the reason this is such a problem is because in real life, DBs can't defend a pass when the WR has 5+ yards of seperation.

The ball arcs a lot more than the game represents, and madden has always let defenders jump sky high with no proper planting and momentum shift.

In madden, a LB can swat a lob pass down on the 50 yard line when the QB is throwing from his 35 to a receiver on the other 35.
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Re: Bump Coverage: "Wins" and "Losses" Always Don't Match Up

Press coverage is ridiculous.

When my WR's are being pressed, they literally cannot get off the jam for 3 seconds, thats all 3 WR's out of the game, ultimately leading to sacks.

When I press coverage, they get off after about 0.2 seconds as if I never even played press.

It's like All-Madden isn't difficult, it just cheats.
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