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Re: Madden 12 Improvements

Originally Posted by CFTejada
From various sources from EA's Community Day, here at some of the improvements from Madden 12

- Multiple hit tackles are for real
- Zone defense plays bunch formations much better
- hit stick is still hard, but very effective when timed properly
- QB Auto Dropback has been removed/tweaked
- Contain Defense has been fixed and no longer works
- QB Spy locks up a scrambling QB
- Zones have been greatly improved, defenders pass guys off to their respective zones
- Strategy pad is still in the game, described as "same as madden 11"
- Tackle button is amazing, no more user assist on all madden
- Turbo blitz is gone
- Falcon Cross is not very effective

Hey!! That's my post from another site haha

Hey A.J Dembroski....
That contain defense is COMMON knowledge for competive players and that's just the tip of the iceberg, fake blitzing which is another exploit where you take a player and re-blitz him and you can even line him up 10 yards away from the lineman and just let the cpu control the player for 2-3 yards and the lineman will try and block him even tho he is nowhere near him just because of the fact the CPU knows that the player is in a blitz situation, this allows you to send a defender in that same spot and get thru because the lineman is trying to block the player that is 10 yards away

what makes this even more lethal is that you can drop the player into coverage after you fake blitz a couple steps, it just takes a couple steps toward the lineman for him to allow the other defender to come in un-touched

Things like this and the contain, are COMMON knowledge for highly competitive guys and maybe with sgibs, a well known guy making big statements and helping out so much...that EA will realize, they NEED these guys who can find glitches in a matter of hours, to come in and test their early demos ...but early enough that changes and fixes can be made!!

sgibs is good, but i promise you there are tons of guys WAY better than him, and who are much faster at finding even bigger glitches

if you like what you've seen sgibs do, then you need to trust me on this one and convince phil or whoever you need to convince to get these master glitch finders in and do some work on the game...just trust me ok?
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Re: Madden 12 Improvements

Originally Posted by adembroski
The contain defense comments were coming from the guys from MaddenBible, one of which is just an absolute monster when it comes to finding ways to tweak the game to create exploits. We've brought him in twice now, and we've fixed up a lot of exploits because of him.

Now, what he's talking about is that he used to be able to use the contain assignment to sort of draw a lineman out of position to create space for a blitzer to come free. When he says "no longer works", he means it is no longer an exploit. The linemen don't get drawn away by it anymore.
I have a friend who's a beast at finding glitches. Every year he finds some kind of exploit or glitch in the game and its frustrating(mainly against CPU though). He's always played like that since we were young. So we had to throw out a few house rules on any exploits he finds every year in our offline franchise. haha! So if he finds something on 12 I'll definitely throw it out there.
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Re: Madden 12 Improvements

use the other threads for this- they're all tagged as articles for the front page. closing this because there's nothing new here
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