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Re: Challenge system and penalties...

I can get offside/false starts to a realistic level with sliders, so the fake snap actually works reasonably realistically.

DPI gets called occasionally - and thats even with it on 100.
OPI I don't think I've ever had one in 300+ dynasty games.
Holding/clipping/facemask - I find the sliders for these incredibly sensitive, one notch either way seems to make them too infrequent or too frequent. I'm forced to settle for too infrequent to stop them becoming annoying.

On a slightly unrelated note, does any one else find that holding penalties seem to be sometimes be triggered by pressing the button to pass to an open receiver in the endzone?

Maybe its just my imagination but it definitely feels like there's a correlation.
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Re: Challenge system and penalties...

Originally Posted by TMJOHNS18
Still hate that warp to huddle lol. A lot of the presentation is looking great, I really like the qb's trotting onto the field, but I still hate when a play is over and you hit X/A and all of a sudden your players are warped into a huddle lol.

Wish they would add some filler commentary to the challenges too. How often do you see a challenge and the commentators are dead quiet? Happens all the time in Madden. They could at least give their opinions on whether they think it was a catch, if theres no evidence, yadda yadda, maybe they could add some injury updates and game stats too.

How often do we see a review in a game on TV and it takes 1 angle and 10 seconds to see what happened, but the official spends a few extra minutes (correcting game time and ball spot), but the commentators go on talking about the game and don't just sit there silently twiddling their thumbs. I don't need the challenge to last 7 minutes but it would be nice if we could get a game recap or some interesting info during this and not just watch the same crappy angles over and over.
That reminds me, does anybody else remember back in the day when Madden had players actually come on and off the field when selecting different packages? That would be a really nice touch to add back and would allow them to potentially add the "too many players on the field penalty" into the game. Imagine how awkward it would look if in a basketball video game players just appeared on the court after substitutions.

This really needs to be added back.
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Re: Challenge system and penalties...

Originally Posted by bigbob
Thanks for the video King Gro.

What I would love to see is them take a page, again, out of 2K's book. If you go to challenge a play, because there are times whenever I've challenged a play and it isn't what I wanted to challenge. They should give us the option of WHAT we want to challenge.

Say on one play there's an interception on the sidelines, a fumble and you think you may have gotten more yards. They gave you the option of..

Catch in-bounds
Spot of Ball

..or something similar to that. So that either team was now able to challenge any aspect of that one particular play.
agree it be nice to have option to pick what we want to challenge
even ea said what the point have option to challenge since when u challenge the whole play is review but thats true in real life

but in madden when you challenge the whole play is not review
just say i fumble the defensive pick the ball up he fumbles
what happen they only look at the 2nd fumble on the first

i be ok with option if not please review the whole play not just part of it
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Re: Challenge system and penalties...

Having the option WHAT to challenge needs to be implemented.
There is one vid (iirc it's the Bears and Packers) where Cutler is hit,and the game automatically assumes it's an incomplete pass.

If we had a proper challenge system,I would be willing to challenge the fact that in may have been a fumble insted...this is just one example of how it need to be updated.

I know the comparisons to the "other game" have been more than played out...but this is one area that was really awesome to have,and I feel Madden HAS to have something like this.

People are for reviews if it backs their argument, and against them when they don't.
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