Potential Speed Fix?

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Re: Potential Speed Fix?

Originally Posted by Broncos86
I was reading a few comments regarding the NCAA 12 demo, and I read a lot of positive comments about momentum. I can't wait to see this tonight when I DL the demo, and I'm hoping the momentum is universal. If it is, and it affects cuts, stops, etc., then that could be a good step towards a solution.


Edit: I'm watching Pasta Padre's videos of the demo. If you watch how the players cut, it looks a pretty fluid. The momentum itself looks nice. Still watching it.

Didn't realize that the demo comes out today. Thanks for the heads-up.

The animations do look a little smoother or more fluid, but there are still no animations for foot planting, re-balancing, and slowing down. A good example is around the 6:30 mark. The Alabama back gets the hand-off and starts running towards the left sideline and then turns up the field instantly without even the slightest hint of a plant or slow down. It's literally instantaneous.

The state that the loco and animation system is in currently, it would have to be the major, if not sole, focus of a dev cycle, possibly more, to get it to be where I'd like it to be.
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Re: Potential Speed Fix?

A 69 OVR WR with low route running, catch, and awareness should run the wrong routes quite a bit. He should have the ball hit him in the back, because he didn't turn around to see the ball. He should drop open passes. The problem is that every player can run a route perfectly in Madden, because they are just following a scripted line.

For example, on a 10 yard out, a bad receiver should cut at 8-9 yards and disrupt the timing. He should also occasionally run the wrong route entirely. Even long time QB/WR combos like Manning/Wayne get off the same page on occasion.

There should be a lot more randomness to a low rated player, instead of following a scripted route.

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Re: Potential Speed Fix?

I can't really disagree with you....to disagree would mean that I have some other or better solution, and that is not the case.

Though as others pointed out - better defensive A.I. could potentially limit the effectiveness of user "speed" on offense.
To me it's another are where player skill is going to outweigh ratings and simulation gameplay. I could have a horrible LB with great speed and if I'm controlling him, he could be a beast. As you were getting at, in the NFL a player like that may not be a great player because he doesn't read the play well. He may have poor footwork, take poor angles, not properly take on the blocker, etc. All these things which aren't properly attributed in the game....or can be negated with user-control.
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