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Re: Madden for Fun


Back then I was in a rock band and my drummer was my roommate. We always played Madden 4-5 hours a night after practice.

Well we decided to play random teams. I drew the Dolphins and he drew the Colts. I went up 35-0 in the first half. I was talking all kinds of smack. Well right before the half I score another TD to go up 42-0 with under a minute left. I kick off...he brings it all the way back to the house.

Halftime I kick off....he brings it back all the way again. I get the ball. Driving down the field to his 20....I throw an out and he get's a pick 6.

42-21. He kicks off. First play for me I throw another pick 6. 42-28 going into the 4th.

I then take the kick off and bring it back to his 40. Drive down to the goal line. 1st and goal. Run...no gain. 2nd down. Incomplete pass. 3rd down, sweep.....stuffed. FG....blocked.

1st play from the one yard line he hits a bomb.....TD. I am freaking out. Mind you this is 3 in the morning. 42-35.

Another three and out I punt.....he brings it all the way back. 42-42.

I get the ball....drive to his 30 a minute left. 3rd down. I need 4 yards...I decide to run the ball use clock....he stuffs me for a 3 yard loss. I remember this game like yesterday. I miss the go ahead FG.

He with 30 seconds left managed to drive to the 35....kicks the game winner.

I throw my controller across the room...and go to sleep without saying a word.

We still laugh our asses off about that game to this very day.

Great times.
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Re: Madden for Fun

I had a game back in November at a friend's house, it was me (who has played Madden for 11 years) against my friend who was on his 2nd edition of Madden & another friend who hadn't played in years & barely at all when he owned it. It was Patriots against Ravens.

So I scored a TD on the opening drive & am then explaining the kicking to the one who hadn't played much. I explain that when kicking an XP you don't need to put much power on it since it was so close & accuracy wasn't an issue either since "XP's are a gimmie & you shouldn't ever miss one." Unfortunately I'm saying this as the meter is powering up & am not paying 100% attention since I figure I can slot it without really paying much attention. You can guess what happens next, the FG is pulled to the left and is missed. Luckily I won the game by 13 points but it was still an awkward moment.
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Re: Madden for Fun

Madden 07 for the 360, I completely forget the teams. I remember being down by 8 with under a minute left, scoring a TD, and needing a 2 pt. conversion for the tie. I run a pass play and scramble to the outside and then towards the endzone. I spot an open receiver and throw the ball right as I reach the line of scrimmage. The QB ends of spiking the ball to the ground as he runs into the endzone. The game awards me the 2 points, and I'm like WTF?
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Re: Madden for Fun

Another one was Madden 08 for the 360, Chargers (me) vs. Eagles (CPU). On the kickoff, I kick the ball to Correll Buckhalter in the endzone and am expecting him to take a knee. He ends up running diagonally out of bounds and a safety is called for some reason.
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Re: Madden for Fun

Mine was actually last fall against my brother. Down by 8, forced him to punt from his own 1 yard line with 0:11 left. I block the punt for a safety, and then returned the kickoff for a TD. 9 points in 0:11 to win by 1.

Craziest moment against CPU was a 10-10 tie in madden 06. I was the Panthers playing the Jets, threw what I thought was a low-risk INT on a deep hailmary effort, but had to make a Roethlisberger-esque tackle with Delhomme inside the 10 yard line to preserve the tie. It's the only tie I've even had on Madden.

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Re: Madden for Fun

Mine was on the first madden for the PS2. Me and my older brother had been playing for a couple of hours but we stopped for a while b/c he had to use the bathroom. Well while he was in the bathroom I edited all of the Falcons skill position players to 99 speed ,agil, acc and break tackles. Now I typically always beat me brother but my brother is the type that really hates to lose. The whole time he was like " Mann TJ Duckett not that fast!", "Mann Warrick Dunn not that d*mn good!" "This game fake as hell!" <------(MY BROTHER) I mean he was pissed the whole time we were playing. After I blasted him, I told him what I had done and he went on a cursing spree. I'll never forget what he said, "Man I probably was going to f***ing lose anyway! You don't have to cheat to win! Mutha**** playing with souped up teams and sh*t! That's f**ked up bruh. LMAO! He still gets pissed till this day about that.
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Re: Madden for Fun

I've been guilty to the above posters story. Except it was always in Break tackle on offense. Would win anyway but it was funny watching him get frustrated as Brett Favre would break 17 tackles. Another quicker move was to use Madden cards.
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