What does Madden do right?

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What does Madden do right?

Thought this would be fun to post as there are plenty of negative posts out there. As a former coach, I was drawn to madden by the realistic play development I see on most plays. Holes open where and in the way they should, guys react on the line like they should etc (not saying the individual players do but the line as a whole tends to do right).
For example. Playing my nephew. I am the MLB lined up over his LG with my line shifted to the right. He runs a trap. Now what should happen in real life is that since my DE is in the LG, LT gap his LT must block down on my RE. His LG is pulling. His C must block right to my LDT. His TE blocks out on the CB (or was it the safety..I forgot) who is up on the line and his LG is going to trap OLB.
LB"s are taught to read guard through to FB in the I. When His LG pulls Left I follow him and...WHAM..****n right into the HB for a 3 yard loss. Exactly what should have happened on that play from those formations. That stuff just keeps me psyched about madden. EVeryone blocked the way they should and my LB was unblocked as he should have been (now maybe his TE could have tried to coop off the LT tackles block but unless Im slow to react he shouldn't get there anyway.

What have you found that works like it's supposed to in Madden?
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Re: What does Madden do right?

They have all 32 teams that's about it!

But on the real i don't think ea does anything that good to me wit the previous maddens. 06 was the last one to show some sort of innovation with qb vision. Passing,running, defense sh!t even kicking has been done better on previous gens or other games. Madden is like Lamar Kardashian, all the talent in the world but just go the extra mile to be better. And with that said I'm buying madden 12 this year after a 6 hiatus.lol the hype got me.
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Re: What does Madden do right?

It is entertaining. It has a million flaws and to me, doesn't play like football. If I forget it is a football game and just think of it as a game, it makes it more enjoyable to me.
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Re: What does Madden do right?

This thread had good intentions, and I commend it for that, but unfortunately this thread is heading south fast. Closed.
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