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Re: Madden NFL 12 Video - Stage Demo (Gamespot)

game looks great. really looking forward to it...

but there is one mechanic that I have beef with.

The screen play ran by the Broncos around 6:20 into the video was executed awfully. I really hope that execution was just a matter of either a better defense being called or just poor execution due to the offensive personnel of the Broncos because that was disappointing to see. Screen plays have been hit and miss over the past few Maddens. particularly WR screens...Seems like they were too good in madden 10, but nearly impossible in Madden 11..

The particular problem in this video shows that the slot receiver (#10, Jabar Gaffney) didn't block the correct player. In reality, since the screen was intended for Brandon Lloyd (the receiver lined up to the far right), Gaffney should have ran over to block the corner that was lined up with Lloyd. According to the play art on the field, the RG should have kicked out as well...and it looked like he was going to, but then he changed his mind. In reality, he and Gaffney should have kicked out...one should have attacked the corner in the flat zone, while the other got in front and prepare to lead the train ahead for Lloyd. The TE on the left side of the formation also didn't get his block either, which should have been the end rushing from his side.

The defense was in Zone, and neither the safeties or linebackers seemed to recognize the screen off the snap, so if the RG and Gaffney would have gotten their proper blocks, rather than worrying so much about the defensive linemen, this play could have busted open for a huge gain. The emphasis on screen plays is supposed to be more about blocking downfield and outside, rather than blocking the defensive linemen or pass rushers.

Not trying to come off nit picky, but it has been one of those play types that we just haven't gotten right yet throughout the years. Other than that, the video was nearly flawless. the presentation is definitely stunning, and the commentary is not nearly as bad as it was in the E3 videos, which is a great thing. And the touchdown play got me really excited. The ball placement was perfect on it...and it was great to see that the MLB didnt warp to deflect the pass. It definitely seemed like in Madden 11, that play wouldn't have worked because the MLB would have jumped sideways into the air to deflect that...haha

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