Madden 10 servers shutting down October 1st, 2011

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Re: Madden 10 servers shutting down October 1st, 2011

I see NCAA Basketball 10 on the list, which means either:

1. A new NCAA Basketball Title is coming out -or-
2. EA should be ashamed for taking online away with no new product.
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Re: Madden 10 servers shutting down October 1st, 2011

Online Franchise received one of the lowest play rates in the surveys the team took for Madden 11. Why spend development time on something nobody uses? (I know, I know, more people would use it if it was better)...Regardless, I'd be willing to bet far more people are playing Madden 11 than 10, and that already small number still on ten will be even fewer when Madden 12 comes out. It's a conflict of interests, not a hype of their new game. They have to be able to support Madden 12 and other new releases online, and keeping old servers makes that challenging. I felt the same way when they shut Head Coach 09 off last year, so don't think I'm some uninformed guy just telling you to be happy
That's a bunch of crap. The main reason online franchise was one of the lowest played features is because it was poorly implemented. I mean come on no salary, no CPU AI front office, no practice mode, no rookie scouting and I can go on. Why play online when you could get a better “NFL Experience” offline. But I beat you that NCAA 11 figures are much higher with the amount of people that play online dynasties because they did it right. I beat if Madden would have gotten it right there numbers wouldn't be as low as they claim it to be.

I do remember those. For two years, everyone else has been stuck with the same bugs. re: what EA said during Madden 11, they said they wanted to focus on GAMEPLAY and decided not to address Franchise Mode, not that they were holding off for Madden 12. Before saying this past week that nothing changed for OF, there had been minimal reference to it during this development cycle. There are other tools available (LM) to help make OF more fun, but I can't convince you to accept them.
Like I told you earlier that I use to be a person that defends EA but I can't in this situation. They told us that they could have salaries and CPU trading Madden 10 because it was server based...Lie. Madden 11 comes out with the same online franchise as Madden 10...shame. Then they don't touch it after they said they would for Madden 12...another lie. How can you defend this? They have let the community down. I don't know about you but offline franchise gets boring quickly and the only thing that keeps me coming back is playing against players with actual intelligence.

I already said that I was going to use LM and that’s the only reason I'm getting Madden 12. Otherwise I would have skipped it and waited for them to do what they were supposed to do 2 years ago. And to let you know, I bought every Madden except Madden 11.
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Re: Madden 10 servers shutting down October 1st, 2011

I have a ton of non EA games right here in my stack that are older then 2009 and still play online. Maybe I just have a unique collection, but most games play longer then 2 years online for sure. Being that EA is a pretty huge company, one would think they could easily handle the costs, specially after charging $10 per used copy for online play. $10 is equal to what some of my PSN mini games cost from 2008 and are still online ready......

How many years of play has APF 2k8 offered in comparison?

What EA did with LOTR Conquest I won't forget. Many people paid $60 for a game they got 6 months tops of online play. Talk about a very bad investment of $60.

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Re: Madden 10 servers shutting down October 1st, 2011

I don't understand why EA wouldn't (at the very least) just replicate what NCAA 12 has done for online dynasty. The "recruiting" section could just be replaced with a scouting section. It can't be THAT hard to institute a salary cap in an online dynasty mode. These seem like changes that would take minimal effort but that would enhance the game ten fold.

I much prefer to play in an online dynasty with people I know (or get to know) opposed to random meaningless quick matches online with outdated rosters that can't be changed. This is one of those instances where EA doesn't "GET IT" and where just a little bit of work can go a LONG waaaay.

I am saying these things in the hopes that it will show EA that this is an important feature that people want. If minimum effort was put into these features and future enhancements also get made it could give the NFL license a huge shot of adrenaline.
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