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How do you build your team up?

Like do you start with the offense, make a powerhouse defense first, make a smashmouth running game etc.

I always play as the Bears so what I'v always liked in Madden is a dominant Defense and a power running game, Now with Cutler i Kind of have to pass the ball more.. With no Wide outs..

On defense I'm going to go after a young DT in the draft ( Did they fix this so there isn't a billion A potential 89 overall players ) Probably in one of the top three rounds. I'm also looking to improve secondary help throughtout the draft/free agency. I'm thinking my first pick of the draft will be a WR/MLB to replace Urlacher.

On offense i'm fine at QB and RB, but i willl sign an undrafted FB most likely.. I will also draft a 6 '2' or bigger WR within the first 3 rounds, through out the draft I will be drafting run blocking Offensive linemen

I will also move Hester to just returning kicks and punts and he will not catch a ball this season... Will get a new young punter with a good leg. I might use Caleb Hanie as trade bait to get a mid round draft pick to whoever loses out on the kolb sweepstakes.

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Re: How do you build your team up?

Typically I take a team that is god awful and completely turn over the roster. Relocate the team and start fresh. Get the lines in place first then draft the skill guys. The type of football depends on the coaches that are in the game. I'm looking forward to this one more than most because of the two years of draft picks.
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Re: How do you build your team up?

I normally have two franchises, one with the bears which i just try to win and keep the same identity of the team and another which i take one of the worst teams and try to build them into champions
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Re: How do you build your team up?

I usually build up defense first-
1 dominant DT
athletic DE's
fast LB's
2 good cover corners
1 playmaking safety

then offense-
solid o-line
solid RB
receiving TE
high accuracy QB
fast WR's
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Re: How do you build your team up?

I control all 32 teams, so it depends on the team and what they have when I take them over. In the past, I've taken teams like Carolina and Buffalo and rebuilt them through the draft, focusing on "skill" offensive players first. Teams that are close to playoff contention, I usually mix it up with draft picks and vets. Teams that usually make the playoffs (i.e. Indy) I beef up their defense. It's really tough/fun trying to balance everyone out, since I have a vested interest in each team. I run Free Agency like the draft. I take that years draft order and allow the lower teams to have first shot at whoever they want. Makes everything a lot more fair.
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Re: How do you build your team up?

After my last franchise which was the Dolphins on Madden 11, I like the team to have the following traits.

1. The best Run Defense - I managed to contain cpu to just under 1000 yrds over the season.

2. A High turnover Defense - I'm not fussed on passing yards. Its all about turnovers. Very much like the Saints SB team 2 years ago.


4. Young Team - gives me a challange that they will make mistakes.
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Re: How do you build your team up?

I always try to build up both offensive and defensive lines. This opens up the offense especially and makes a potent run game deadly with play-action. A good defensive line allows me to add the players I like to add, and that is speed. I love speed on defense. The ability to cover large ground is important to me and I like getting multiple defenders to the ball carrier when possible. I use the exact same strategy in NCAA as well.
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Re: How do you build your team up?

Everything revolves around my running game. That to me sets everything up. If you can be a dominant running team it means:

1) PA will work

2) You will get deep passing plays with the defense focused on your run

3) Your defense will not be on the field too much

4) shorten the game.

Again I want a great OL and then all you need is one great or just 2 good backs to rotate.
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