When will FairPlay Rules return?

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Re: When will FairPlay Rules return?

Originally Posted by TWOSILK
sim does not equal control, is it too much to ask someone playing a football game to run more than 10 different plays a game?? if you require that then you have already eliminated 80 percent of the issues, if you run a play 5-8 times in one game why??? because that play obviously has a higher chance of working than some other play you may call, and talk about calling a play and putting your sticks down if you play a nano blitzer, or someone that runs a scheme out of those e-books you may as well do that, because you are not going to enjoy that game at all. you guys keep jumping back to league play, we were talking about lobby play and wanting a fair play lobby. you say that if you asked 20 people what sim means you would get 20 answers, but i bet you would hear at least 18 times MIX UP YOUR PLAY-CALLING!!! other rules do have some leeway in them and that's a good thing,my rules for my league were posted, and someone said they were very gray but yet we have run 8 seasons of sim football, and have only kicked out one person for not being sim enough to play with us. there were several posts made from the sim point of view, and every one got shot down like we were asking people to let us call their plays. that is not what I would ask of my opponents, all I ask is don't "scheme" me to death, and don't abuse the a.i. all game. and for the last time the reason that mixing up play-calling is so big is unfortunately you can literally run one play all game and the a.i. will still act like it has never seen it before. remember 2 years ago when the strong I-close toss was all the rage, people would scheme out of that formation all game, who plays in one formation all game??? no one should run 1 offense or defensive formation all game. the 1-5-5 is a staple of a lot of players, why??? because it stops things that it shouldn't in the nfl if you come out in a 1-5-5 on 3rd and 2 there is not a QB in the league that wont audible down to a run, but in this game you can use that formation to confuse the a.i. to get someone free every time, and theayre is no rhyme of reason to it.
If the play is over effective, I'm with you but if you can do something to counter it that doesn't require someone to go through war to stop it, then its fair game. If you can't stop the run, I should be able to keep running it down your throat ( you may can't stop it to either bad coaching or bad plays being picked to stop the run combined with personnel issues ). I remember the Jets-Dolphins game a few years back when the Dolphins stayed in like a goaline wildcat formation b/c of the blitzes of Rex and ran it majority of the game no matter where they were lined up on the field. That is a example of a NFL game where one team styed in one formation for the entire game pretty much doing same things out of that formation ( sweep, counter, toss, occasionally pass which was rare, etc. ) and if it happened on Sundays, its Sim. Also, to the poster that said if their is 8 to 9 in the box, you shouldn't be able to run with any success and while I agree with that to an extent, the Dolphins did it on the Jets that day. Again, if its super over effective, that's one thing but if its not and you just don't want to adapt and change ( flexible ) to what your opponent is doing, that's another thing and that's entirely on you. Also, while the toss out of Strong I Close was tuff to deal with and it was a little over effective, I got to a point where I literally ran players out of staying in that 1 formation b/c once you contain the toss, it weakens that formation majorly. Sure, I had to go through my bumps and bruises of guys having over a 100+ yds on me by being ignorant to knowing a formation at the time that could contain it but once I found what could contain it, if I were to win that game, it made it much more enjoyable knowing that I took away their strength forcing them to use other parts of their PB. That's the good part of playing this game to me, having to put in work to get the results I want and I wouldn't like the game as much if I can just easily find things to counter everything or if me counter something, I wouldn't have to sacrifice in another area ( remember the Sim league I told you I was part of where the run to pass ratio had to be about even, yet, everyone in the league picked nothing but pass defenses majority of the game b/c they know coming out in pass defenses, you would have to work your way down field with no 4-5 play drives and they knew that eventually you will have to pass to even out the run / pass ratio and that's what I called lazy coaching.....not wanting to make the sacrifice like real coaches to put yourself in a possible bind in one area to contain another area wanting your pick of plays to be safe sort of like wanting your cake and ice cream and eating them too. Simply put, you should have to put in work to get your results, not just any.....many.......miny.....mo and pick a play and contain something. Also, what you think might contain something might not be the right thing to pick. Again, if its over effective if someone is constantly doing something, I'm with you but if its not and you just don't want to put in the work, then I'm not with you ( its Chess, not Checkers

Originally Posted by Big FN Deal
No, I meant a tournament or league that refunds everybody's deposit as long as they play straight up. That's why a said deposit, so it can be held to ensure competitors play fair.

The whole implication of people that understand basic football don't know the difference between playing a fair game of football versus exploiting a video game, is a complete farce, imo.

It's a matter of people wanting to do what they want to as opposed to doing what's right, respective to NFL football.

I personally used to play Madden 10 for money and have never had anybody complain about my play style because I just play football. No over thinking it or intricate rules, I just play football. Madden is not presently tuned in a way to require people to play football to win but it does allow for football to be played. If two people just play football, the person that plays the best overall football, that game, would win.
We are living in a day and time where there are a bunch of sore losers who would do anything to win..... glitch..... cheat.....and lie about their opponent glitching and cheating them. Its no way someone could run a successful tourney or league with letting them make a deposoit and if they feel their opponent didn't play them str8 up / Sim / without cheese then they could get their refund back. Maybe if we were living in a world where ethics and morales were a lot more of a priority, then maybe we could think about incorporating this in but now, its no way to incorporate that in and run a successful business.

Also guys, I want you to really read this. We can take several guys from the NFL and have them to sit down and play Madden ( coaches too ) and their game wouldn't be completely Sim and I'm willing to bet on that. While its great to strive for 100% Sim, realistically, you won't get too many games, if any games at all that would be 100% Sim and that's why I said as long as you can weed out the major stuff ( nanos, complete arcade play, etc... ) then I feel that's all you can ask for. I'm sure if I were to play many of you and put a microscope under your gameplay, I could find things throughout the game that I would consider unsim so just understand that and let's be reasonable and logical on our expectancy on the matter.
Originally Posted by Big FN Deal
While I think I understand the jest of what you are saying, this kind of depends on the details. If there is a money play(s) that don't allow any basic user adjustment (I stress basic) to be made to counter it, then that shouldn't be used. However, if someone is walking their safeties up, repeatedly exposing their slow corners to single coverage, that's entirely different.

I think this all falls under common knowledge though. Everyone that plays Madden or any sports video games, head to head, knows that replicating real world tactics is not a requirement for winning, yet. So it's more like a honor system right now, like in baseball, batters not looking at the catchers signals.
Couldn't have said it any better and things like not allowing people to walk their safeties close to the LOS b/c of how EA let's them unrealistcally recover, you just can't make things like this as a rule, just got to wait for EA to correct that problem.
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