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Re: Depth Chart Upgrade

Originally Posted by Argooos
..but what about situations where a team only has 5 WR and two of them get injured during the game? Who will fill in at WR?
Well, keeping the realism aspect, looks like for that game your team will be running 3 wide sets max.
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Re: Depth Chart Upgrade

Okay that makes sense. So I suppose you could limit the playbook based on how you fill your depth chart. Seems like a lot of work though.
And at the same time, a real NFL team would probably find someone to sub in for an emergency. I know for sure I have seen a team sub a O-lineman in at DT due to injury. So I could see a TE or even CB playing as the 4th or 5th WR if there were enough injuries.
But when you get P or K playing O-line, then that's just a problem with the code more than anything else I think.
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Re: Depth Chart Upgrade

If you have 5 WR's and two get injured and go on IR, then you only have three receivers and thats it unless you acquire another receiver via trade or free agency. Or you could switch a TE to WR via position and you would then have a 4th WR. In other words, the amount of slots should be the same as how many receivers there are on the roster.

Now, in 2K, the roster was 54 players. I would have 3 QB, 3 RB, 2 FB, 6 WR, 3 TE, 2 C, 4 OG, 4 OT, 4 DT, 4 DE, 4 OLB, 3 ILB, 6 CB, 2 SS, 2 FS, 1 K and 1 P. For 3-4 teams, I would have 3 DT and 4 ILB. There were no empty slots whatsoever because whats the point in having an extra slot if you dont have a player to put there?

In-game, if you run a 4 WR set and only have 3 WR's, the backup TE would be the 4th WR automatically but the difference is that he wouldnt be listed as the 4th WR on your DC and the 2nd TE at the same time.
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Re: Depth Chart Upgrade

For me, the CPU's incompetent depth chart setting in NCAA is more aggravating then every other flaw in the game. Seeing a 6 foot, 207 pound safety playing DT is just not right. The CPU needs to be programmed to use different criteria than they're using now to set those depth charts. As an offline only player I would gladly accept more limitations on my depth chart flexibility if it meant that the CPU wouldn't do ridiculous stuff.

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Re: Depth Chart Upgrade

I opened this thread excited to see this long standing issue has been resolved. Sadly, it appears it isnt. Adding Will/Sam backers instead of the cookie cutter "OLB" slots and add the 1 & 3 techniques at DT in a 40 front instead of "DT" slots 1-4 would be very cool, but probably too much to ask for at this juncture.

Maybe the ability to edit the cpus depth charts or 32 team control would be good stop gaps.
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Re: Depth Chart Upgrade

if we had formation subs like we used to have the special teams on kick offs punt returns etc would be worked around easy. he just sucks that we have back up QBs being a holder and starters on kick ofs
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